Does anyone have any advice on a doodle who has been coughing like he has something stuck in his throat?Bear has been fine all day and did not start coughing til an hour ago........he is not coughing constantly. He did go outside with my husband and son to play. He tends to grab sticks and I am thinking he may have swallowed a piece of wood which may have scratched his throat.What do you all think? When does play with sticks outside, he tends to shred them up. I think I am only being paranoid because we had lost one of our poodles this past year to congenital heart failure. I think my mind just automatically goes right to that diagnosis.I have taken him in one other time for coughing like this and they could not find anything. I am sorry everyone...........I am just worried and would like to hear what you have to say.Thanks!Holly

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  • He could have Bordatella (however you spell it) i.e. kennel cough. My dog got it even though he had been immunized. He had an intermittent cough. It is contagious to other dogs.
  • I agree with what you have already been told.....kennel will need to get her some meds. It can get real bad!
  • Whopper was spayed basically 2 weeks ago and about 5 days into her recovery she developed a cough. We took her to the vet on two different occasions and the vet said it was probably just a spasm or some sort of tickle. She is still having the periodic cough, particularly when she gets excited but I thought I'd let you know that periodic coughing may not be due to a foreign object or kennel cough. Whopper even had an x-ray of her lungs taken and her trachea checked and there was nothing. With the seasons changing, you never know what could be causing a little irritation.
  • Thank you everyone :) He does have a vet check up tomorrow, so if he continues today with the coughing I will mention it to them. But he is current with all of his shots. I am thinking a piece of wood may have irritated his throat? He only coughed once this morning when Dylan had accidently touched his throat.

    Thanks again and I will let you know what happens tomorrow :) I forgot to add in that he did eat his breakfast this morning without a problem.
    • Holly, the bordatella vaccine is usually given intranasally, not in a shot form, and it doesn't cover all the forms of the disease. It's like flu shots; sometimes they pick up a different strain of the virus that isn't covered by the vaccine. As long as you're going to be there anyway, I would mention it to the vet, even if Bear is better by tomorrow....which I certainly hope he is! It does sound like kennel cough to me, too.
      Hope it turns out to be nothing! Please let us know!
      • Samantha had her bordatella last week - an injection. You know what the difference is????
        • Well, Jack was 14 months old when I got him, and he has only ever been given the intranasal kind.
          Intranasal anything is less invasive than injections; I think some vets may be giving the bordatella vaccine along with some others in a vaccination "cocktail"...hence the injection.
          I take Jack to the vet for these things at different times...we don't get everything on the same visit. I realize it is much, much more expensive this way, but with his immune system issues, we need to avoid an "overload." We're at the vet every other day, anyway, lol.
      • The first bordatella vaccine is given intranasally and then 4 wks later you have to go back and get a shot. At least that's how the vets around here do it.
  • Coughing can sometimes be "kennel cough", a virus that dogs pick up from each other. Even though we can innoculate our pets with the Bortadella Vaccine, they can still get that virus.
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