What do you know about Country Mini GoldenDoodles in Indiana?  They do not do any formal testing on the dogs (parents' hips are not Penn hip or OFA certified), but the puppy comes with a two year health warranty.  However, I have heard that the minis are less susceptible hip dysplasia.  What do you think about getting a mini doodle from them?

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  • Samantha, breeder recommendations are prohibited in the main forum here on Doodle Kisses. Most people are also uncomfortable saying something negative about a specific breeder in a public forum as well.
    As far as minis not getting hip dyplasia, one of our members here just had surgery done on both her 13 month old mini goldendoodle's hips because of severe hip dyplasia.
    A two year health warranty is worthless. Are you going to return the dog after a year if there is a problem?
    Please read this discussion, which will explain the importance of buying from a puppy from a reputable breeder, and what criteria you should use to determine that:
    What to Look for in a Breeder
    Good luck in your search.

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  • Here's a post by someone who bought from the breeder you are asking about.

  • I have a deposit on a puppy from them. (FL)...They said it's a 2 year health warranty that covers any genetic issues and they will pay for the vet bill which seems pretty reasonable to me. They even stated of a time they paid for a puppy. They seem forthcoming. I don't think one can ask more. I will inquire about parent tests though.
  • The breeder paying for vet bills isn't what's most important, is it? I'd be more concerned about my puppy having health issues, and health testing helps to greatly lessen the chance of health issues happening in the first place. 

    • Thank you Laurie. :). Talked about those concerns today with the breeder.  She said they were OFA certified, but when they split the business from Indiana to Florida they had to start all that over again.  They are now in the process of being OFA certified. They WILL be and I WILL have proof she said of Hips, knees, elbows and heart being certified by their vet, of the parents and the puppies......will be OFA certified sooner than later, depending on the process, and since I await the birth of my puppy that is quite possible.  If nothing else, she said the vet will certify that. She said I can call their vet as well and ask any questions too about concerns. Sounded fine then to me; they will be health tested then.  So that gives me peace of mind too. I can always have my vet here too call theirs (my vet is incredible) and ask any questions that are a concern.  But all will be checked and certified.  :)

    • I got my deposit back. Found a puppy that is a labradoodle and breeder is ALAA? Certified. All genetic health testing has been certified and done on parents. :-)
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