Hi all - for new puppies (11 weeks) do you set an alarm to take out or wait until puppy wakes you? So far no accidents in crate and I’ve done both but he’s stretched his sleep longer than my alarm sometimes. Also any thoughts on adult coat color, appreciating it may lighten? His (first time) mom is an English cream golden retriever and his dad is a red standard poodle. 8724873893?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • I have had several puppies in my 44 years of owning dogs (not including childhood pets) and I have never yet gotten up during the night to take a puppy outside. Nor have I ever woken up to an accident in the crate. My most recent puppy came home at 10 weeks old and slept through the night from the very first with no accidents, and no problems. 

    • That's so interesting. He sleeps right next to me and when he cries loud/persistent I do take him out and he pees and sometimes poops. He did that at 12:30 last night and had two loose stools and then slept until 6:30 when my husband got up. 

      Were the crates next to you and did they ever cry? He seems to only cry when he needs to use the bathroom. 

      I guess I stop setting an alarm and let him dictate. But would you ignore cries? It seems to be how he communicates that need. 

      • With my last puppy, I had a crate right next to my bed. He cried a little the first night when I put him to bed, but I talked to him and he settled down immediately; no further crying after that ever.
        My breeder (NOT a doodle breeder) crate trains the puppies at night before they come home. Each one is in his/her own little kennel-type crate, and at bedtime, it's lights out and quiet, so they learn to settle down and go to sleep at night. That helps a ton with this. 
        However, if a puppy has loose stools, there may be a problem; it's pretty common for doodle puppies to come home with giardia or coccidia, and if that's the case, they will cry at night to go outside, they can't "hold it". Two loose stools in the middle of the night makes me think of giardia. Intestinal parasites often don't show up in a new puppy's fecal test as there is a 10-14 day incubation period, so I'd suggest that you have a fecal done, assuming your pup has been home for at least 2 weeks. 
        You also MUST keep the puppy on a strict food & water schedule. Feed at the same times each day, and never ever ever free feed. 10 minutes and then pick up the bowl and no food again until the next scheduled meal time. We have lots of info on this in The Food Group. Last feeding should be dinner at a reasonable hour, at least 4 hours before you put him to bed. That helps a lot with regulating the bowels so that the puppy doesn't need to poop in the middle of the night, and so you can predict when the pup will need to have a bowel movement. Also make sure you are not overfeeding. 
        But again, if he has an intestinal parasite, you can't ignore him if he cries at night.   

        • This is so helpful. Thank you for taking the time to share and I will check out the feeding group as well as call vet to drop off sample. He was crate trained prior to coming home at 10.5 weeks and they said they took him out once a night. We will make sure he doesn't have a parasite and follow the feeding schedule, etc. thank you again!

          • Some dogs just have smaller bladders and need a nighttime potty trip  longer to than other puppies. I wouldn't set the alarm but let him wake you. I would let him fuss a bit before jumping up to take him out-- this is just so IF he doesn't really need to potty, he can go back to sleep. A few soothing words is helpful. 
            If he's on a regular feeding schedule, he probably shouldn't  need to poop at night so I definitely would take a fecal sample to the vet. 

            • Toby needed to go out to pee for a little while after he came home, probably until 12-13 weeks or so.   He would get very desperate at night and it was clear he needed to go.  He is not very good at holding it and is still not 100% on his potty training because of that.

              Riley didn't need out at all from the second night she was home and was super easy to potty train.  

              It really depends on the dog as you said.  

            • Thank you! I did both those things - hoping to get fecal test results back by Friday. Last night he slept for 8 hours straight :-)

  • Mac has been home for a little under two weeks – he's just about 10 weeks now. He cried like crazy the first couple nights in the crate but now he falls asleep with little to no crying. That said, he still wakes up 1-2 times a night with a whimper that wakes me up (his crate is next to my bed). I usually let him cry for a minute then get up to take him out. Every time he pees immediately and sometimes poops.

    I'm not expert here, but I've read that it's completely normal for a puppy that young to wake up a couple times a night to go potty. I've also heard that setting an alarm to take him out for the first several weeks is better than letting him cry to wake you up, because then he starts to think that any time he cries will get him out of the crate.

    The first 3 or so nights I was up with him every 2 hours due to crying. Now he wakes up around 11:30pm, 2:30am, and 5am. I quickly take him out and put him directly back in the crate. He falls right back asleep (except at 5am because he's ready for the day, though I am not lol).

    I think around 16 weeks, puppies' bladders are a bit bigger and they can start sleeping for longer increments of time without having to potty during the night. It sucks, I know :/

    Also, Mac's parents' coasts were the same (cream/white and red). He's lighter than your pup, but I've been told to expect all puppy coats to lighten as they get older. He's such a cutie!

    • Some puppies do darken with age, it happened with our Luna (an F1 goldendoodle) and I think our current pup Toby is also darkening a bit with age.  I think the majority do tend to lighten though.  

      • Thank you both - I expect him to lighten some. He was one of the two darkest in the litter and they were all so adorable ❤️

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