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I can already tell this is going to be a long post, so I apologize in advance! I just brought home my 8 week old goldendoodle, and we are having a VERY difficult time crate training. I did all the reading prior to taking him home of how it should be done- made it very comfortable, covered it with a blanket,  had the crate in my room, when we took him home I put a blanket that smelled like his litter mates in his crate, etc.  but oh boy....

He cries non stop. I do not cave and do not let him out. I kept the crate in my room for 2 nights and tried everything- putting my hand by his crate, giving my no noise, tapping the crate. He cried relentlessly. I ended up sleeping on the floor and it was the only thing that made him stop. The next night I tried sleeping on the edge of my bed but he was NOT a fan. He cried for hours, all night long. If he stopped for 20 minutes, he would be back up for 45 more crying. I ended up moving the crate back downstairs because having it in my room wasn’t helping and he was unsoothable. (And I was letting him out for scheduled potty breaks throughout the night- waiting when quiet for even a second to let him out for his potty break and immediately putting him back). While he needed his potty breaks, this also spurred hours more of crying. 

Moving him to the family room seemed at first to help because we put toys in there, I tried to make it appealing by giving him treats when he goes in, near or to get a toy out. I’ll put a bully stick in and he’ll chew it in his crate with the door open. We’ve even left him during the day in his crate and he doesn’t cry (we have a camera to keep an eye on him). I think because he knows we aren’t home: But home night time- he cries all night. As I write this he has been crying for about 3 hours. It is his 5th night home and I truly thought we would be making some progress,  and I don’t know why he has not calmed down at night at all. We play with him before bed to try and wear him out, but come bed tome he gets so worked up. He’s doing so well with potty training, but he’s actually gotten so upset he’s pooped In  his cage two nights, I think because he’s just so darn mad and is so stressed.

Has anyone had similar experiences to this? Does it get better? I feel so helpless and don’t know what else to do. I know I have to stick to my guns and be firm to make this work, but it is so exhausting. I am trying everything I can think of, but it seems like this is just not normal. Any other suggestions or shared experiences (especially confirmation that I’m not crazy and that he WILL get better) is much appreciated. 

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Thank you everyone for your responses and tips. I think we are making a little bit of progress (right now no crying right away for several hours, usually just when he wakes up for his middle of the night potty break around 2- and then sometimes he has a had time calming/going back to sleep) but some progress is better than no progress! After hearing all of your thoughts I am finally feeling like things will get better as he gets older :) Definitely had that “new mom” panicky moment though! 

Congrats on the progress!



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