Crazy Poodle Haircuts

I worked at a grooming shop for a summer, and my boss competed yearly in creative grooming competitions. I was always amazed at how much you can manipulate poodle's look. I love to look at each year's top competitions. I thought I'd post some of my favorite looks I've seen so far. Hope they make you smile. :-)

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  • How Bizarre!! I was hoping to get some ideas for Lucky's groomer, but I think I'll pass! :)

    • Are you sure, I think I can see lucky in that buffalo cut... ha ha!
      • "that's not nice to Lucky", says my 8 and 10 year old boys!, but you might have something there. On our daily runs, wouldn't we get some double takes!!!!
  • Every time someone posts these or links to websites about this I see a NEW one! Like the Lion and the sugar cube one! LOL.

    I LOVE It. I would love a camel, panda, or lion! Or buffalo! The way I look at it...if a dog is gonna sit through an endless grooming session anyway...why not have some fun!?
  • That lion has such a pitiful look on his face, which looks very much like a doodle to me!
  • These crack me up! (and then I start thinking the dogs look sad, and then I get sad,,,and then I go "look, a camel!" and the cycle starts all over again)
    • LOL, you crack me up.
    • Now, this looks sad:

      • This one in particular is freaking me out. That poodle looks scared =(
      • I love it. Especially the hooves. Hilarious.
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