• I don't know anything about this breeder, but it's interesting that their website says that the dogs are Australian Labradoodles, but that they are 75% poodle, and that the number of generations doesn't matter as long as their coats are fleecy. I think that the number of generations is important, because that's how the breeder gets predictability and consistency in the litters. I'd want to know the actually results of the hip and elbow testing, too, and not just that they are certified. Maybe someone else has direct experience with them and can share their experiences. Good luck in your search! We have two Australian Labradoodles, and we love them to pieces!

  • I do not know anything about this breeder but their website appears to be implying that their dogs do not shed and they are hypoallergenic. This is impossible to predict and is a huge red flag to me. There is NO guarantee with a mixed breed!

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