Long story short, we just had dog number 4 join our household.  We took him in from a bad situation (living outside 24/7).  So now we have: Buford (Goldendoodle, DRC Rescue, 9 yrs old); Smokey (Lab, 8 yrs old); Sophie (Golden Retriever, 6 yrs old); and Jack (our latest add, rescued and 12 years old).  Now, Jack is a mixed breed but we weren't entirely sure which breeds were thrown in there!


An6130207687?profile=RESIZE_710xd I started noticing his furnishings being so similar to Buford's furnishings so I thought "What breed has the gene for the furnishings?"  Because then I look at the Golden, Sophie, and she has no furnishings! But poodles don't either.

Anyway, Jack on the Left and Buford on the Right.  Just curious on how furnishings got introduced into the Doodles and open for any breed "components" in Jack!    



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  • Poodles absolutely have furnishings! It's just that a lot of owners shave their faces. All doodles get their furnishings from their Poodle parents, grandparents, etc.

    Here are some photos of purebred Poodles with their faces not shaved. 
    Let's start with my silver Miniature Poodle Jasper:

    • I LOVE Jasper's look! Is this his COVID cut or his normal look? Either way it is very becoming on him. Great furnishings. 

      • LOL, it's his "day before I go to the groomer look". He's usually a little neater. 
        This is his after grooming look:
        3813389306?profile=RESIZE_930xAnd this is his usual look:6131490496?profile=RESIZE_930x

        • Well, he just rocks all his looks. It's kind of fun to watch them go through all of the changes from neat and tidy to scruffy. What a cutie! 

  • More unshaved purebred Poodles:
    6130485272?profile=RESIZE_930xCafe au Lait purebred Poodle

  • Red Miniature Poodle puppy:


    • It's such a shame that the red poodles have the most shallow gene pool, I think DH could be 100% sold on a poodle if we got a red standard :p  Maybe I can convince him with a brown poodle.

      • Well, Adina was able to persuade Clark, so anything is possible, lol!

        • It was nothing short of a miracle after a lot of prep work and begging...lol.  He's still not particularly excited about the lack of fan tail and I'm not allowed to shave any part of him ;)

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