Hi All,

I am new to this group andfirst time puppy owner. My puppy Leo is 10 weeks old and we were wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what his final coat will look like/ will he have furnishings and get any typical goldendoodle looks/teddy bear looks or not. Attaching pics:

2nd question:

Leo is 19lbs big boy at 9.5weeks, he is being very aggressive with my wife and young kids, bites/barks constantly looks like anger to me. I spend lot of time with him and play with him in my backyard which he likes to run around by himself but dont play alot with us.

Anyone noticed simillar behaviour? how we should handle aggeressive behaviour of Leo.

Please suggest and Thanks in advance!!!!








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  • It's not anger and it's not aggression. It's typical puppy behavior. Join the Puppy Madness group, lots of info on how to deal with rambunctious puppy behavior. 
    I am wondering if you met your puppy's parents or saw their pedigrees? He is unusually large for a goldendoodle of any generation, and looks like there might be another breed there besides Golden Retriever and Poodle, possibly a working breed like a Great Pyrenees. 
    How old was he when you got him? 
    As for his coat, it's hard to say if he will have furnishings or not. Maybe. His coat is definitely not curly, and looks like it will probably shed at adulthood. 

    • Thanks for your response. I got him from a breedwe sho has tons of great reviews and his facility is great where we get to meet his mom and dad (according to breeder) and Here is the pics of them. I got him a week ago (9 weeks age).

      For first 4 or 5days he was amazing and we felt like we were so lucky. I took him to vet and he mentioned he is jsut a big puppy and looks more like Golden Retriever.  Due to my lack of knowledge i am little worried and appreciate your response.






  • We have young kids as well and a 12 week old goldendoodle.

    Puppy is tethered to a piece of furniture or in his crate almost 100% of the time when the kids are nearby and is only off-leash for play time or when he is outside to potty (and up until 10 weeks or so he was on leash for that too).  This allows both our kids and our older dog to control their interactions with the puppy and to end play time with him if he gets too rambunctious.  It helps him learn that if he is being rude that play ends immediately.  It also helps him learn that he is NOT the boss and is only allowed to have/do what we permit him.

    Puppies need to learn that ANY rough biting results in an immediate withdrawal of any kind of attention or affection.  I also tell my kids to say "OUCH!" in a high pitched voice (we do it too) and immediately stop paying attention to the puppy if he bites.  They learn quite well that way that any kind of teeth on people is unacceptable behavior.  My youngest is 2 and he is starting to get the idea of saying "ouch" and walking away while hiding his hands from sharp teeth.

    As for barking we ignore the puppy when he barks.  Looking at them/telling them to be quiet only reinforces it because you are giving them attention.  I find just ignoring them makes them go quiet more quickly and they will get the idea that barking for no reason is not a productive thing to do.

    • Thank you! really appreciate taking time and helping me. We had a trainign session today and got little more understanding about how to handle. Most of the you mentioned was mentioned by the trainer as well.


  • Happy to hear you are working with a trainer.  Please sign up for regular obedience classes.  Since you are new to dogs/puppies, you will need that support to train your dog because he's going to be HUGE.  And a huge dog that jumps, pulls like a freight train on leash is going to be a seriously difficult dog to manage.  I know a wonderful trainer in Plano Texas ... depending on how far you're willing to travel once he's 5-6 months or so.  

    • I will sign up for obedience classes asap. I am not foar from Plano and dont mind little bit of driving if i can find a right trianer. Can you please provide me the details of the trainer.

      Thanks a Bunch!!!


      • I asked the trainer and she is not taking clients right now.  But, if you find you can't find someone in a few months, feel free to PM me or come back to this convo to let me know.

        • Thanks for taking time and reaching out to your trainer. I think i found a right trainer will know soon :). Worst case I will check with you again.


  • You are going to have a very good looking dog and some poodles can be quite large, as can some retrieners.

    I totally support staying with a trainer or pick a new trainer for a minimum of a year and three plus years is really helpful.  Keeps you honest, resolves problems early,  most trainers will work with 8 and older children from time to time as a bonus for you.  Good trainers get paid, but they are also devoted to keeping dogs in their Happy Home and will go out of the way to facilitate this.

    Personally both when my children were young, middle, older, and out of the nest I vote for keeping a "puppy" on a leash in all stituations (except dog parks and then pick your times) for as long as necessary.  My Murphy is three, but was very ill for most of her 2 year old time.  She was cut a lot of slack. So Right now, Murphy is back on her leash after dinner.  After dinner is TV time and playtime for her too.  TV sets her free with barking: at any animal, any cartoon animal, and anything else that she finds bark worthy.  Barking at the door is tolerated at my house ( we are a bit remotely located and she and Tigger are not necessarily the warm welcome a person up to no good would want. They both stop the door barking at the word "enough" They are also allowed to bark at bears.  Barking at deer is not acceptable and surprisingly accept enough for deer.  Bear never merit the word enough.  But back to TV the word "enough has no effect at all on Murphy for TV barking, so she is back on her tether for immediate correction without attention.  Don't know how long it will take - first dog I have ever had that paid any attention at all to TV!  So my advice is tether more thatn not for a long time


    • Thank you! What a wonderful puppy community this is. I am already feeling much better getting support from all.


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