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I am new to the doodle world and am trying to learn as much as I can. My sweet girl is just 4 months old and has already brought so mush joy to her dad and I. One thing I am curious about is her curly tail. It is rolled up like a Cinnabon. I know this is considered a fault but personally I love it. Does anyone know where this comes from since every Poodle and Labrador Retriever I have seen has a straight tail.

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Poodles tails are typically docked when they are a few days old; the upper third is removed, and that's the part that often curls. Although Poodles' tails are supposed to stand straight up, according to the breed standard, many of them do tend to curl over the back, and you'd see that more if they were left undocked.

Thank you. I guess I hadn’t realized that they docked the Poodle tail. 

Two of my doodles have the scimitar tail, but my third one tends to carry his tail up in a gentle curve most of the time, but not always. 

His tail is very cute. Ginger’s softens when she is relaxed otherwise it truly looks like a Cinnabon. Everyone comments on it. 


That is very curly!  Very unique. 

I LOVE her tail!!!  

Cinnabon! So cute! 

I have one of each.  I love the curly tail.  

Yes, that is from the poodle side--as Karen said--and it can be very lovely when the hair is allowed to grow and plumes over the back. I have two with straight tails, but my Rio has the curl and it looks so pretty when allowed to get long. 

I can’t wait to see how her’s will look. I guess it is a common trait that we all share. The anticipation of seeing what our Doodles will look like full grown.



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