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I ran this idea by Karen this morning and she thought it would be a good idea, so...

This discussion is for current recall information only. In the interest of staying informed without unnecessary panic please try to verify with a credible source that the information is fact. For posting recall info. please open your reply with the brand/manufacture name. Additionally it would be very helpful if you credit your source or any others you find pertaining to it and to include the date the information was released. Many thanks to all who will share here = )

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My goodness. Is there no end to all this. Pretty soon we'll be raising our own food and home cooking.
F, I believe this is the food that your son gave you a sample of. Now we know why just looking at ingredients is not enough.
Gee, forgot all about that but I didn't give it to the dogs anyway. But really as I said in a recent comment, "What can we believe in?" The world gets more scary every day.
I cannot tell you how many people feed Iams and believe they are doing their best for their dogs. It's probably the most common food mentioned on adoption applications.
Honestly, I fed T. Nutro for 4 years until his sickness came on (caused by the recalls). I thought that was the cream of the crop. He didn't even get sick from Nutro, but from chicken tendons from Costco. After that, I reevaluated everything I gave him and that is how I switched to Solid Gold and then TOTW when Peri came (since have changed to Fromm and back to Solid Gold for Tack). I am completely obsessive about their food now.
DH called me "Doodle Dietician" today. LOL
I also wanted to add that I have started feeding slightly less dry food and adding veggies and proteins to their food. I think I am fearful of Fromm being bought out or something. Tonight they had fresh carrots cooked in water, with some cantelope. May be homecooking one day. Hope it doesn't get to that.
I predict you will come over to the "dark side". Then your DH will know you are absolutely off your rocker!!! I have several books with recipes for kidney troubles.......
Another Merrick Recall. Got this today from my pet supply retailer:
Recall Alert Update
Merrick Beef Filet Squares
(Also called Texas Hold'ems) For Dogs Recalled For Possible Salmonella Contamination

Merrick Beef Filet Squares for dogs (also called Texas Hold’ems) in 10 oz bags from Merrick Pet Care, Inc. of Amarillo, Texas have been recalled because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. This recall includes all Merrick Beef Filet Squares For Dogs (Texas Hold’ems) regardless of the lot number or “best by” date on the bag
If you have Merrick Beef Filet Squares for Dogs (Texas Hold'ems), please stop feeding them to your pet immediately and return them to PSP for a complete refund.

Returned items should be double wrapped in plastic bags to avoid exposure to possibly contaminated product. If your pet has any unfinished Merrick Beef Filet Squares, be sure to remove them safely from your home, disposing of them so they are not accessible to pets, wildlife or children.

All surface areas that come into contact with any product suspected of being contaminated with Salmonella should be washed and disinfected. Wear protective gloves or wash your hands thoroughly in very warm soapy water after handling contaminated product. (Even if you wear gloves, wash your hands after handling.)

Also clean and disinfect all surfaces that have come into contact with the food, including food bowls. Be sure bowls are rinsed thoroughly and allowed to dry before reusing. Pet bedding or crates should also be cleaned thoroughly and then treated with a pet-safe disinfectant. Click here for the PSP safe clean-up guideline.

Salmonella can be transferred to people from pet feces, so extra care should be taken when picking up after your pet and waste should be disposed of safely. Always wash hands thoroughly after waste clean up.

Pregnant women, young children, the elderly and anyone recovering from an illness should not handle products that may be contaminated with Salmonella.

Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian.

No illnesses have been reported to date from the recalled product. A sample tested positive for Salmonella at the production facility.

For further information, consumers with questions may contact the company at 1-800-664-7387 M-F 8:00 – 5:00 CDT.
Thanks Karen. No more Merrick for me.
Alright, before I go out and buy a bag of EVO, is the company and product still on the up and up? Anything I ought to know? I bought Merrick last bag. Luckily it's pretty much gone, now. (It wasn't the beef filets, thank heavens, but still...)
This is not a great time to switch to EVO. Natura has sold the company to Procter & Gamble, and most of our members who are currently feeding EVO, Innova or Calif. Naturals are scrambling to find a new food. Skim through the list of FG discussions for more info- there are a bunch of them on the P & G butout)
If you're going to go with a grain-free formula (which EVO is), I would get Acana or Orijen if they're available in your area. Otherwise, there are lots of other foods to choose from.
I doubt anyone in this group is buying Hartz Mountain products (doesn't that name bring back memories for those of you who are long-time dog owners?), but just in case, there is a recall on one of their treats:

Septamber 4, 2010
Pet Food Safety Recall: Hartz Mountain Corp (Secaucus, NJ) recalls 8-ounce bags of Hartz Naturals Real Beef Treats for Dogs (lot code BZ0969101E; UPC number 32700-11519), due to possible Salmonella contamination. The bags were imported from a supplier in Brazil and have been distributed across the United States.



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