Did you know that the photography group is now helping folks decide which one of their cute doodle pictures have a chance to make the coveted Doodle calendars!  Yes yes...go to the photography group ...started by Nancy and Georgia Brown...It's calendar time!  If you are excited as I am, you can post your favorite photos and get some honest feedback.  This is a once in a year opportunity to get your sweet babies in a calendar that is put together by Adina...and she does a marvelous job...the calendars are sold through cafe press,on Amazon...so all your friends and family can have cute picture after cute picture of many many gorgeous doodles!  They make fantastic Christmas presents, birthday presents, and any kinda day to cheer you up presents.. So...what are you waiting for?  Get those pictures ready!  You'll definitely see plenty of pictures of my cute girls...like this one...3364238890?profile=originalLOL...well, maybe not that one...But check the forum out in the photography group.  Can't wait to see YOUR sweet furkids!

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  • Maybe a "Those crazy Doodles" calendar!

    • wouldn't that be a cute calendar!

  • Thanks Joani. One clarification: NOW IS THE TIME TO GET OUT THERE AND TAKE PHOTOS.

    There is still at least a month before you need to submit. The photography group is full of lessons and tips.

  • I love the underpants picture!

    What I need is one of you wonderful photographers to come over and photograph my dogs. They are cute as can be, but my photography skills are lacking. Lacking is an understatement. They are terrible. 

    • Stacy!  Join the photography group...Nancy gives great instructions, directions, information, links to follow...all to help make us all take better and better cute doodle pictures!  Check it out!  Never give up...when I look back at my old photos, I say...what the heck was I doing?????  You just need some time, patience, and commitment...I know, a TALL order...oh ya, and a cute doodle!

  • Please think about it. If you have a somewhat decent camera and a cute doodle (which we all have) it's not that hard to get a good photo. And if you are in doubt and willing to reshoot I can help you take a photo better. Meaning take your photo, post your photo in the group. I will give you things to do that will make your photo better. Then reshoot in the same location using my recommendations.

    Beginner instructions to help you get a good photo:

    1. shoot outside.

    2. don't shoot in direct sun, and if your dog is in shade make sure there is not bright sun in the background behind your dog.

    3. don't shoot in the middle of the day unless it is overcast.

    4. make sure there is a lot of space between your dog and everything behind your dog. Meaning don't photograph your dog against a wall. And make sure there isn't a trash can, a person. a telephone pole, or other distracting items behind your dog that you wouldn't want to see.

    5. get down low. I am laying the ground many times in order to get the shot. Sky and trees are always better as your background than dirt and grass.

    This list could go on, but that might be phase 2. I hope this helps.

  • Hahahahahaha in response to the photo!

  • Thanks, Nancy! It does help. Although, I'm not sure if you can help with the problem that a lot of times I take a photo and by the time I look at it the dog is half in and half out of the frame! I have a million adorable candids of Maggie sleeping on her back, but I'm sure none of them are calendar material. I need to find a pretty spot outside and ask her to pose.
    • Stacy, I take a hundred photos and might get a single one that is a keeper - not necessarily even a calendar shot though.  Getting the eyes is my biggest challenge. I have some very cute photos of one or another of my doodles - if you liked black holes for eyes or if I get the eyes, one is has hair blocking it, or in Ned's case, he is squinting. LOL.

  • Yes!!!

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