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Has anyone used CYTOPOINT to help control itching that's caused by atopic dermatitis? I'd like to know people's experiences, specifically if it helped your pet and how long it lasted.

There is more information on the company's website:

It's something I am considering for one of my dogs, but I'm doing comprehensive research first.


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I'm pretty sure we have a few people in the Atopic Dermatitis Group who are using it. I know that Jane is switching Murphy to Cytopoint from Apoquel, as there are fewer side effects. 

Yes, Murph has a tough time in the Spring for about 6 to 8 weeks.  We have always used Apoquel during this time since it's easy to start and stop with Apoquel.  Because Murph had a pre-cancer growth a few months ago the Vet and I have decided we will use one injection of Cytopoint this Spring instead of the Apoquel.

I'm sending you an invitation to join the A.D. group, BTW. 


Here's a discussion that includes cytopoint in the Health Group

I am following here. Gavin only has allergies in the early fall season. We moved to Apoquel about three years ago for the two month treatment. This September Gavin developed a melanoma that needed to be removed. I do not know if the two are linked but if there is a safer course of action that is not linked to cancer...

I am interested to hear how things go with Big Murph this Spring Jane. Keep us posted.



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