Our new vet has recommended using Cytopoint for itchiness caused by seasonal environmental allergies. I would love to hear your experiences with Cytopoint, including any side-effects or negative reactions. Thanks. 

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  • Unless you want to see a veterinary dermatologist and have intradermal testing done, your treatment options for seasonal environmental allergies (Atopic Dermatitis) are limited to immunosuppressant drugs: Prednisone, cyclosporine, (Atopica), Apoquel, and Cytopoint. Cytopoint is the newest of these. There is still a risk of cancer with it, but it's thought to be less than with Apoquel or cyclosporine, mainly because it's injected rather than ingested. Is your dog has symptoms less than 4 months of the year, steroids (prednisone) might be a better option, and it's sure a lot less expensive. 

    • Prednisone does have more side effects though (for Luna it did anyway).  Huge increase in appetite/thirst being the main one, she always seemed to be "starving" when on prednisone.  The increase in appetite made her very rude and removed any of her training when it came to stealing food/counter surfing/eating random garbage on walks.

      Apoquel is the one I think she ended up on the last couple years.  Who knows if it contributed to her coming down with lymphoma, it certainly made her a lot more comfortable during ragweed season though.

  • Why is there a risk of cancer?
    • There is with all of the immunosuppressant drugs. The human ones, too. Those TV commercials for what they call "biologics" for Psoriatic Arthritis, Crohn's Disease, etc. always mention lymphoma, and these are the same drugs. You're playing with the immune system & immune responses. Atopy is an immune-mediated disease. You suppress the immune system, the allergy symptoms subside. That's why the skin testing and the immunotherapy is the safest treatment when possible. 

  • As Jane mentioned in your last discussion about Cytopoint, her Murphy is being switched from Apoquel to Cytopoint for his seasonal allergies because he developed a pre-cancerous growth and her vet felt that Cytopoint was lower risk.
    See her comment here: https://doodlekisses.com/forum/topics/cytopoint-for-atopic-dermatitis

    CYTOPOINT for Atopic Dermatitis
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    • Thanks for the link to that previous discussion. I did search for that (unsuccessfully) before I began yesterday's new thread. Charlotte's allergies do seem to be seasonal, so my gut is to avoid anything that would halt her immune responses and stick with Claritin or Zyrtec. I have promised our vet that I would do my homework and research Cytopoint, so that is what I am doing. 

  • I thought this was a good article about Cytopoint versus Apoquel. I've always found Dr. Hines' info to be accurate and helpful:

    Cytopoint Versus Apoquel For Your Itchy Dog
    Discusses Cytopoint - A New Anti-Itch Treatment For Dogs
  • I don't remember but I'm not even sure the vet mentioned the increased cancer risk.  We didn't look it up either but I'm pretty sure he didn't.

    Anyway if we ever need to go down that road again we probably wouldn't do the same thing, especially with Riley since Bernese are so cancer prone to begin with.

    • Both Apoquel and Cytopoint went on the market with very little research behind them. One study on a small group of Beagles, in each case. Jack's dermatologist was always hesitant to use drugs with a lack of a long-term track record.
      I think these drugs are popular with some GP vets because they can do the treatments themselves instead of referring to a specialist.  

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