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I don't think we have a very big Kansas City area group of people on here, but if you're here and you're not part of the Goldendoodles of Kansas City facebook group, I've been following this all day. It was posted this morning.

Our hearts are so very broken today. Yesterday I dropped Douglas off at doggy daycare on my way to work. When I went back to pick him up, they couldn’t find him at first, but then discovered him under an empty plastic pool that flipped over on top of him. He was dead. Looking back on the video, the owner said he was under there for over 4 hours in 100 degree heat! How do you loose track of a 70 lb. golden doodle for 4 hours?!?!?

And just like that, our world is shattered. He was just an incredible dog, and we will miss him every minute of everyday. We are just lost. RIP Douglas Aloicious von Crestone.

Douglas's mom has declined to give the name of the daycare at this point, but has disclosed that it is located in Olathe, KS and later goes on to say, when someone commented that they thought it was odd that the dog couldn't flip the pool back over:

That’s what we thought! But the pool was an extra large one, shaped like a dog bone in that area, and after it flipped, other big dogs jumped on top of it. And nobody took it upon themselves to flip it back over for over 4 hours when they realized my dog was missing.

I think I know the facility she is referring to, there aren't that many doggy daycares in Olathe that I can find and only one with pictures of bone shaped dog pools, but I don't want to speak out of turn. I just know that I would want to know if it was a place where I took my dogs. I know that not all accidents can be prevented, but the idea that there was a dog "missing" for 4 hours and no one noticed until the owner came for him disturbs me more than I can say. 

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What a horribly sad story. My heart breaks for the dog and the family. 

I've had several people recently suggest daycare to me when I mention that Jasper wants so much to play with other dogs and I have no friends or neighbors with dogs of the right age and size. While I was not really considering it, I'm not considering it even more now.

I wish Katie could come play with Jasper. I think they'd be good little buddies. 

You know I've done the doggy daycare thing at times, and I spend the whole day worrying about them. I spend half the day watching them on camera. There was one day I couldn't find Katie for the longest time and I was just beside myself. I finally found her again, but my coworkers think I'm nuts. No one watches them the way that their parents do.

The thing that really gets me is that they didn't do a head count at any time during the day. They shouldn't have so many dogs that they don't notice one missing. If they had just kept track of everyone this could have been prevented. And to think that it's happened more than once. There was another dog who died at daycare on the Missouri side last week after they left him out in the heat.

I know some people think it's mean, but this is why I like my dogs safely in their crates when I'm gone. I know they're safe. They're not getting their heads stuck in chip bags or finding a stray sock to get a bowel obstruction. My dogs are happy in their crates (even Maggie now!) We all suck it up when I have to go to work and have lots of fun the rest of the time. But I know I'm coming home to dogs who haven't gotten stuck under a swimming pool.  

I'm so glad to hear Maggie is okay in her crate now! 

Well you know I've spoiled her, right? She just wanted the $350 crate instead of the $60 crate! I actually think the truth is that she feels safer in the plastic crate than the wire kennel, even though I covered the wire one. Life is so much easier now. No more pottying on the floor, no more jumping out the window. And she loves to lean against me for loving. She's made amazing progress and I just love her sweet face.

 I am so glad to hear this, Stacy.  Of course Maggie wanted the expensive crate - she's a girl, right? Bling over economy every time.

When my guys were young the dog trainer we went to for classes used to do 'puppy play dates' at her facility. They were pretty good because she controlled how many dogs were there, their age and size and supervised to make sure the interactions were appropriate. I wonder if there is anywhere like that near you??

I can barely find a decent training class near me, lol. 


They're hard to find, aren't they? That's why I'm taking Maggie 45 minutes each way to class. But it's the first place I've found where I like the group classes.

Stacy, apparently this isn't the first time this exact thing has happened to a dog at daycare!

So, so sad :(

I know a lot of people say they don't want their dog alone all day... but I'd rather have my dog be a little bored all day and safe at home than in the care of a stranger who may or may not even be paying attention.

The two dogs I've had were alone the whole work day and didn't seem grumpy about it.

I understand some dogs have separation anxiety issues but I would definitely try training before I'd resort to a doggy daycare.



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