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I don't think we have a very big Kansas City area group of people on here, but if you're here and you're not part of the Goldendoodles of Kansas City facebook group, I've been following this all day. It was posted this morning.

Our hearts are so very broken today. Yesterday I dropped Douglas off at doggy daycare on my way to work. When I went back to pick him up, they couldn’t find him at first, but then discovered him under an empty plastic pool that flipped over on top of him. He was dead. Looking back on the video, the owner said he was under there for over 4 hours in 100 degree heat! How do you loose track of a 70 lb. golden doodle for 4 hours?!?!?

And just like that, our world is shattered. He was just an incredible dog, and we will miss him every minute of everyday. We are just lost. RIP Douglas Aloicious von Crestone.

Douglas's mom has declined to give the name of the daycare at this point, but has disclosed that it is located in Olathe, KS and later goes on to say, when someone commented that they thought it was odd that the dog couldn't flip the pool back over:

That’s what we thought! But the pool was an extra large one, shaped like a dog bone in that area, and after it flipped, other big dogs jumped on top of it. And nobody took it upon themselves to flip it back over for over 4 hours when they realized my dog was missing.

I think I know the facility she is referring to, there aren't that many doggy daycares in Olathe that I can find and only one with pictures of bone shaped dog pools, but I don't want to speak out of turn. I just know that I would want to know if it was a place where I took my dogs. I know that not all accidents can be prevented, but the idea that there was a dog "missing" for 4 hours and no one noticed until the owner came for him disturbs me more than I can say. 

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I hear good and bad things about Rover. If you hit on a good person it can be great... but it's kind of hit or miss. I think Rover is kind of like craigslist. People join, but I don't think there is any actual vetting of the sitters. Anyone can claim to be a dog sitter. I know I'm a nervous Nelly, but it would make me nervous. 

All relatives live out of state except for one daughter. Her husband is allergic to Annie, even though she doesn't shed. Plus when we take big family vacations, daughter is going with us anyway. I have not made any close friends here in my transplant state that I would trust with my dog or my house.

This is really tragic....I can't imagine how heartbroken this family must be.  I do have a bit of a differing view on Doggy Daycares.  My guys are 8 and 9 years old, and they have been going to the same Daycare since they were puppies.  I try to be sure to send them one day a week and it has been great for them.  I would never consider a Daycare that didn't carefully screen the dogs for temperament and "manners" as well as requiring vet information and proof of vaccinations.  Most of you know that Murphy is very on-leash reactive toward other dogs, but he is respectful and playful with the other dogs at the Daycare.  This is his only socialization experience since we can't walk him around other dogs.  Guinness just loves to play, and so this is a really fun experience for him and his tail wags in circles when he sees where he's going.  The owner is also a wonderful trainer and so she has passed this on to her staff.  It always amazes me how she gets 30 or 40 dogs to sit/stay on command.  I would hate for everyone to get the idea that all Daycare situations are bad...that has clearly not been our experience.

I second Jane's comments.  If you are fortunate enough to find good quality daycare, it can be a terrific resource. The key is to carefully explore any available daycare options. If your options are limited, and you can't find a situation you feel comfortable with, then by all means, forget about doggy daycare.  Living in a highly populated area, however, I was able to visit 5 day care businesses. After talking to the operators and viewing the dogs at the sites, I eliminated 3 from consideration. After unfortunate experiences at a highly recommended puppy play place, Belle had developed some undesirable habits, and she flunked the entrance evaluations at the remaining 2 daycare options.  However, the director of the smallest option (10 to 15 dogs) spent some time with us, and eventually offered to work with Belle to improve her socialization skills.  The result was a happy place where Belle, without any undesirable behaviors, can spend 1 or 2 afternoons a week running and playing with her buddies. The director's own dogs attend the daycare, and dogs are NEVER left unsupervised; an overturned swimming pool would immediately be righted. And because Belle is familiar with the place and the staff, she has no problem with sleepovers when I can't take her places with me (my family also doesn't allow visiting dogs).  I do plan to investigate the fire safety provisions before boarding her again.

I read this on another site where it was posted by the owner the day after it happened.  It has stayed with me ever since reading it.  My Eli actually attends a wonderful daycare 2 days a week where a trainer works with him while there.  I immediately forwarded this article to the facility telling them I totally trusted them however accidents can happen so quickly anywhere with anyone and wanted to pass it along because they have those pools.  They were pleased I sent the article and said they would inform their employees immediately of this horrible accident to make them even more aware to watch those pools.  I got 2 thank you emails for helping them reinforce safety around their dogs.  They said they appreciate hearing from their clients of such incidents to make sure it doesn’t happen there.  Our daycare has a ton of employees out in their play yard which is wonderful.  My heart continues to break for this family in Olathe it happened to.  I can’t imagine the pain they or that precious dog went through.  It literally makes my stomach hurt thinking of how he suffered in that heat.  Prayers for healing for Douglas’s family.  



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