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Here's the deal...

Jake had an accident last night on the couch. He was laying there and I scratched his hip and then he started licking his man parts and then hoped of the couch and layed on the floor.  I noticed about 20 minutes later that the couch was wet and sure enough it was urine.

We don't have a doggie door so it's possible he had to go and one of us didn't notice/hear him ring to go out.

I called the vet this morning just to see if they wanted to see him (and because I'm a worrier) and we are going on vacation this next week so I want to get this taken care of if anything if wrong before we leave.

They wanted a sample and I got one and it concerned me because it was pretty dark yellow with a greenish hue.

I dropped it off and they would send it out for testing and call me on Monday, the lady in the front agreed it was dark but didn't really comment from there.

I'm a worrier and now am terrified that there is something horribly wrong with my baby.

Other that this pee thing he is acting totally normal.

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I can’t help with any knowledge, but I’m sorry your sweetie is having a problem. Please let us know what the vet says. 

Lindsey, I know you're worried but hopefully you will get an answer tomorrow. Try to be positive in the meantime. :)

Thank you both for your kind words.

He threw up once this morning (yellow bile) but he didn't get breakfast until late because we all slept in.

Other than that he is acting totally fine.

I'm sure he's fine but I'm just a worrier.


So the vet called back and of course my stupid phone didn't ring and he left a message.

His specific gravity was good, ph was a little high, no bacteria but some white cells.

He says he thinks he has a UTI and wants me to call back in the morning.

We can start antibiotics or try and culture the sample.

I have to call him back in the morning.


A good probiotic I can give him so I don't have to worry so much about his tummy that I can get locally???

Unfortunately, unless your vet carries Proviable or iFlora, you can't get a good probiotic in a store. You have to order it online. You can see if any of your local pharmacies carries the human probiotic VSL#3, but it's pricey and you don;t really need anything that powerful.

You can order Proviable and give yogurt in the meantime.

I personally would do the culture so you know exactly what it is before starting meds.

***UPDATE #2***

I spoke with the vet this morning...

His specific gravity was good indicating the kidneys are working well, pH was high at, 8.3 possibly indicating an infection, there was protein in the urine, no bacteria and very low white cell count, also a trace of glucose. 

The glucose he said could have been contamination from the container (a Tupperware from the kitchen), or indicative of diabetes.

The pH level and protein makes him think infection, but why no bacteria or white cells in the urine?

We have agreed to bring him in first thing on Thursday for a glucose stick for a fasting glucose and a cath for clean urine.

I'm so worried about my baby...

I know it's hard but try not to worry. Jake will pick up on it. Try to stay positive, it will hopefully turn out to be something minor and easily treated.

I know you are right, he's my baby and I tend to get worked up about him.

Thank you for the quick reply!

Lindsey, How’s Jake?  Did he have diabetes?  What has happened since you last reported?

Colleen and Dinah

Thank you so much for thinking of us!

He does NOT have diabetes and they did decide to culture the urine.

They didn't get growth but he still has an elevated pH and protein in the urine so the very recommend a 14 day course of augmentin.  He wants to see if he has any more symptoms as well.

We did the antibiotics and he hasn't had any issues since.



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