Has anyone tried Dr. Harvey's Canine Health dog food?  I have looked, but don't see it listed.  I have recently purchased some for Melody, hoping she would take to it.  It looks pretty good as far as ingredients...it is freeze died, you add hot water, whatever protein source you choose, and whatever oil you choose. (suggestions are given.)  It gives directions within the package.

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  • I have used it with my doodles.  They liked it a lot.  I rotate their brands about every 6-12 months or so, and presently they are eating Honest Kitchen.  Dr. Harvey's  was one of the first foods I used with them.  I thought it had a pleasant smell when I was preparing it.
  • It looks fine to me. I personally wouldn't use it for Jack as he's on grain-free, and this mixture is grain-heavy.

    We don't list these types of products in the recommended list because it isn't really a complete food, it's a mixture to add to your own meat, chicken, etc.

    There are also good dehydrated and freeze-dried raw products that we recommend but don't have on the list, such as Ziwi Peak, Honest Kitchen,  and Stella & Chewie's. We welcome everyone's input and reviews on these products.

  • Thank you both!  We tried it for the first time with Melody last night.  She picked the meat out of it.  I wish I could find something she really took to!
  • Our Sage is very finicky. We usually cook for them - burgers sweet potato veggies and missing link plus probiotics and calcium. But we also have Life's Abundance on hand. Both dogs love it. Kendra, our dogs' breeder specifies it for her dogs in guardian homes.
    • Snickers LUVS Stella and Chewies carnivore crunch. We crumble it into his food. We started doing this when he seemed bored with his kibble. Ever since we started the Stella and Chewies no finickiness. Although not inexpensive worth it IMHO. Also he likes the Ziwi Peak treats but have not tried the food. 
      • You may have to win the lottery before you try the food, lol. At my local pet boutique, 11 lbs of Ziwi Peak food costs $100.
        • Treats it is for Ziwi Peak. That is crazy and explains why the pet place we buy them from
          does not carry the food. Guess shipping from New Zealand is expensive!
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