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I was at my local mom-and-pop pet store this weekend and they were having an awesome sale so I was doing some exploring of new items. Ragley is 6 months old on Tuesday, which clears her for the "dental bone safety" marker for most of the dental chews. I have a toothbrush and teeth gel for her that I try to stay consistent with, but I know myself well enough to realize that this is something I am likely to slip on. She has all of her "big girl" teeth now- they are so pretty, white, and healthy looking and I would like to keep it that way. One of the things that was on sale were these new dental bones from a company called Indigenous Pet Products. They come in a variety of flavors, can snap in half, and are grain free and gluten free. I went ahead and bought a bag since the sale price was good and I know I can easily return them if I decide I don't need them or Ragley doesn't like them. Do dental bones really make that much of a difference? Are these an ok thing for her to be eating? We are steering clear of greenies and these are a little more economical than some of the others. 

Indigenous Dental Health Bones

Ingredients: Potato starch, glycerin, chicken meal, sweet potato, carrot fiber, gelatin, chicken, ProDen PlaqueOff® (dried kelp), natural flavor, lecithin, salmon oil, sorbic acid (to preserve freshness), parsley, chlorophyll.

Guaranteed Analysis:

(based on 100 grams/calculated)
Crude Protein (min.)
  Crude Fiber (max.)
Crude Fat (min.)
  Moisture (max.)

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Yes, I saw that too...I wonder why whimzees have the nine month guideline rather than six months? I don't want to give them to her too early, but Oliver seems to have been fine with it. I'd like to get started on keeping her teeth healthy now rather than wait for the nine month mark. Obviously I can be brushing her teeth more regularly, but it seems like people have seen results with the chews. 

I just saw that and will give them a try if Oliver did well with them! I agree I would like to start the chews now, even though I brush her teeth around 3-4 times a week I want to have that added help because I forget sometimes. I think the benefits may put way the risks in this case!

I just looked at their facebook and it states that the reason is "because puppies' chewing mechanism isn't fulltime developed yet. They may bite off and swallow too large pieces which may be harmful or even fatal to them. When they are 9 months or older and they're in good health it's perfectly save to give it to your pet friend."

While Oliver does just fine, they do recommend waiting until nine months.

Thanks for the tip on Whimzees. Riley loved it!
Stephanie...did I just read bought stuff somewhere else other than chewy...gasp!! Lol, just kidding!!

Haha yes! I couldn't pass up the sale!

Just took Bogey to an out of town vet and he highly recommended virbac C.E.T. Dental chews. He says they make a huge difference in a dogs oral health. Says he's never had to remove teeth from a dog that uses them regularly. I never heard of them before. Anyone use these?

Yes, I've heard of them, never used them. I have used other Virbac products.  I think F uses the C.E.T. dental spray. 

I looked up the ingredients in C.E.T. Dental chews and it contains chlorhexidine gluconate and can cause side affects in humans and dogs. Even when used as a spray so ingesting it worries me.

The chlorhexidine is specifically why I use the dental rinse. Calla had dental cleaning under anesthesia and I would like to avoid doing that again. Everything, including the air we breathe has pros and cons and we all have to weight out the risk benefit ratios.

I think the rinse is much better than eating it.

My dentist prescribed chlorhexidine gluconate for me recently.  It made my face swell!



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