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I was at my local mom-and-pop pet store this weekend and they were having an awesome sale so I was doing some exploring of new items. Ragley is 6 months old on Tuesday, which clears her for the "dental bone safety" marker for most of the dental chews. I have a toothbrush and teeth gel for her that I try to stay consistent with, but I know myself well enough to realize that this is something I am likely to slip on. She has all of her "big girl" teeth now- they are so pretty, white, and healthy looking and I would like to keep it that way. One of the things that was on sale were these new dental bones from a company called Indigenous Pet Products. They come in a variety of flavors, can snap in half, and are grain free and gluten free. I went ahead and bought a bag since the sale price was good and I know I can easily return them if I decide I don't need them or Ragley doesn't like them. Do dental bones really make that much of a difference? Are these an ok thing for her to be eating? We are steering clear of greenies and these are a little more economical than some of the others. 

Indigenous Dental Health Bones

Ingredients: Potato starch, glycerin, chicken meal, sweet potato, carrot fiber, gelatin, chicken, ProDen PlaqueOff® (dried kelp), natural flavor, lecithin, salmon oil, sorbic acid (to preserve freshness), parsley, chlorophyll.

Guaranteed Analysis:

(based on 100 grams/calculated)
Crude Protein (min.)
  Crude Fiber (max.)
Crude Fat (min.)
  Moisture (max.)

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Had you let Cally know about that she would have happily taken it from her and eaten it for Ragley :) her shipment came yesterday with the small ones and I think she may need a bigger size but they took it off my order because the large ones were out of stock. Rosey definitely needs the large ones, although I was surprised how long it took each of them to eat the small ones!

Ragley would have gladly relinquished it to her! I'm surprised the small ones aren't too small for your two! Makes it more cost effective for you! That's awesome that it takes them a while to get through them. I even whipped out all the tricks to "add value" to the treat and Ragley still wouldn't go for it- maybe they are so tough that that turns her away from them as she is not an aggressive chewer? 

Picky fussy JD once took a big reddish colored Whimzee out of a display box while I was waiting in line at the pet supply store. Maybe try a different flavor? 

Perhaps I'll try that...they did say that some dogs prefer different colors

question for you, Karen- the whimzees are potato based; I'm guessing that is not an issue since they come so highly recommended, but it just doesn't seem like the most nutritious thing? Am I wrong? I know I'm picking them for their dental cleaning benefits, not their nutritious value, but I still don't want a bunch of worthless calories going in her if I can help it

Potatoes are not worthless nutritionally; just starchy carbs like those in most dog foods we recommend. Most edible dental chews have either a flour or potato base, I believe. 

I bought Truffle the red hedgehog Whimzee to try the other day after reading about them here. He has yet to figure out it's edible and tosses the creature around like a toy. He's very smart when it comes to some things, but when it comes to other things, he's just a dog...

I think that's the one JD tried to shoplift, lol. 

Good thing he didn't, it might have affected his law license.

hah classic humor



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