Hi all,

A little while ago I had asked if everyone thought we were crazy or if we should get another dog.

Fast forward and we have a three and a half month old Cockapoo, named Max, and despite my concern the dogs do GREAT together.

Everything was great for the first 4 weeks we had him and we switched his food from nourish puppy lid salmon and sweet potato to what Jake eats (Canidae salmon lid formula) after 2 weeks.  Transition went great.  Starting about 3 days ago Max had a pudding poop accident in the middle of the night, but his poop during the day looked fine. Middle of the night pudding or looser accidents have happened since, but daytime stool had looked fine, until today. Now I have pudding all the time.  He is acting PERFECTLY fine, eating and drinking and playing and getting into trouble.

He is on proviable and his stool was checked about 3 weeks ago and was fine.

Now what?  I'm afraid to take him in because I don't want to start the metronidazole cycle of doom.

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  • Any chance he ingested something he shouldn't have? 

    • Remotely possible, if so it was probably twig bits.  I try so hard to keep him out of the bushes, but with the dog door it is really hard to constantly watch him.

  • Honestly, I don't know what to tell you. It really doesn't sound like it's related to the food, but I'm not clear on the timeline. How long since he was transitioned to the Canidae food? 

    • At least 2 weeks since the transition.

      I will bring him into the vet tomorrow. ☹️

      • Like you, I'm worried that the vet will want to give him metronidazole. But it IS possible to refuse it. 

        If he did somehow have a positive fecal, you should insist on Panacur instead. 

        I'm looking at the two foods, and assuming that I'm looking at the right ones, I do see a couple of differences that could possibly account for the stool changes. The Nourish Food has 16% fat and 7% fiber. Lower fat and high fiber foods do tend to help with firmer stool, and 7% fiber is a pretty high percentage for kibble. Canidae Pure salmon & Sweet Potato has 18% fat and only 4% fiber. That fiber difference is fairly significant. I don't think it could cause such an extreme difference in stool, but it is possible. If the vet doesn't find anything wrong, you might consider switching him back to the Nourish food and see if that helps. Or, you could add some fiber to his diet. 

  • I took him in and they ran a parvo test and it was negative (not surprised since he has had 3 of how 4 vaccines), but still relieved.

    She wanted to give metronidazole but I convinced her to go with panacur and I'm doing a bland chicken and potatoes diet.  She also gave him some SQ fluids.

    We shall see what happens now, but he seems to be feeling a bit better.

    • Did they do a fecal for giardia?

      • The sample I had wasn't fresh enough so I need to bring in another sample today.

  • Lindsey, how is Max doing?

    • Oh my, thank you for asking!

      He is doing much better and we are just slowly moving back to kibble starting this morning.

      I'm moving him to the Canidae duck LID formula as Jake has done well in that in the past and hopefully he will be A-ok.


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