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When they got their adult coat?

Please post pictures if you can! Thanks :)

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Most doodles lighten.  Chocolates change the most.  They begin as almost black and fade to milk chocolate, cafe, parchment, gray, silver. or lavender.  Red is a fairly unstable color and lighter reds often fade to apricot and apricots to cream. Some goldendoodles (like some golden retrievers) darken with age. 

Ned is apricot and has lost his dark apricot ears and tail.  His eyelashes and muzzle are still darker apricot. His other apricot litter mates faded to cream. His red litter mate stayed fairly dark.

can you post some pictures of Ned?

Ned is above.  The first was a puppy pic, the last one was last summer. He will be 11 on St. Patrick's Day. The photos  were taken at 3 months, 4 months, 6 years, 10 years. Click on them.

Luna was an F1 mini goldendoodle with a flat retriever coat and darkened with age.  She greyed just like a golden as a senior dog too. :)

Beautiful dogs!!

Clancy is a goldendoodle rescue that we adopted at age 2. Here are two photos of him. On your left is how light he was when we adopted him.  On your right is a photo of him now.  He always had apricot in his undercoat, but at age 10, he presents as an apricot rather than a cream.  Click on them.

Here's my go to color chart for my sweet Sassparilla.  This shows the difference at 5 weeks, 5 months and 5 years.  She's now 7 and slightly different, actually I think it's prettier now and I contribute that to her food and supplements. She was the darkest in her litter and mom (lab) and dad (poodle) were both chocolate as well.

Very striking photos.  She is pretty now!

Thank you, with each groom her coat color changes oh so slightly.  Lucky for me she only gets groomed maybe once or twice a year. Ned Clancy who listed her adorable pups above has gotten some really beautiful pictures of her with her rainbow of colors, this was one of them and is still one of my favorites.  I love the variation of colors on her head. The grey around the eyes she's had forever ever since she was a puppy.  



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