I am not trying to start a riot here, but as some of you know, I am researching dogs for my young family and have been thinking about a medium sized ALD. I also want an adult, which isn't easy to find, so I thought it would be good to find out a little more about Goldendoodles. I would love to hear from the experts about the similarities and differences about the two breeds and possibly why each person chose the one they did.

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  • Oh, and what was it you were looking for that brought you to these breeds? Specifically perhaps, why didn't you get a poodle if you wanted the non shedding, or a lab or golden retriever?

  • Wow, that's like trying to compare one human to another.  There are a billion combinations and each is unique.  I've owned a Labradoodle f2 and a Goldendoodle f1b.  Both so different in personality, coat types, size, intelligence.  I've met and played with all kinds of combinations of doodles.  All very different.  For me, entirely impossible to even compare my two sons, let alone many dogs.

    As for why I choose the dogs I did.  Well unlike you and many others, I did not do a lot of research. I just like dogs and wanted a dog.  I got lucky.

  • and keyboards.  I've not had to put a helmet on yet

  • Of course all individual dogs are different, but breeds do tend to have similar characteristics as well as similar health issues, grooming needs etc. For example, which type of dog needs more grooming? I think I've heard that the GD does, but I'm not sure that's correct. I know the wool coated LD has higher grooming maintanence than the others, but I don't know about the different coat possibilities of GDs.

    • I think the coat type and amount of grooming is again an individual thing but any dog that doesn't shed requires a fair amount. I have 2 ALDs and their coats are very different. One is harder to groom than the other because her coat is so very thick and she's a bit bigger, likes grooming less etc. I think goldendoodles and labradoodles in general are a lot alike but each one is unique.

    • Most of the time the F1 GDs seem to be more "fluffy" and the LDs seem more "scruffy" if that makes sense, but both generally require daily brushing and regular grooming. However, if you get an F1B they are all generally curly.

      For F1 GDs it depends on how the GD comes out - Luna is an F1 mini GD and her coat requires almost no maintenance.  All I really do with her coat-wise is shampoo + towel dry and trim the hair on her paws and bum (she has the fluffy GR "bear butt", looks goofy with her short hair).  Based on the number of GD's on this site like Luna though - it's very rare.  I have seen the full range from tight poodle curls to a short coat with a few waves (like Luna).  Most dogs seem to be somewhere in between.

      Also - it's worth noting that Luna (and I imagine many other GDs) grows an undercoat in the Winter, so in a curly dog this would equate to a lot more grooming seasonally.

      Personality-wise, we picked the leader of the pack clown of the litter (intentionally).  Luna has turned out to be a goofy, very intelligent dog but she continues to be a clown and gets into mischief all the time.  She's also very high energy, but she's only 1.5 years old and continues to mellow out.

  • I do not have an ALD so I cannot comment on them but I do have an F1b goldendoodle.  Like what was said before, each dog is different and its hard to compare even the same "breed". Ive met a pup from Bailey's litter who was completely crazy, jumping, barking, biting-mind you this was when she was a 12 week pup. I'll give you a few highlights of our girl though so you can get some idea of what SOME may be like...

    As a pup she was completely crazy and I wondered whether or not it was a good choice bringing her home with us, which is probably why you guys want an adult. But Ive found from about 8 months on she started to settle down. Ive met many people with goldendoodles and they all make the comment that they are very high energy. I really do not find that. Yes the standards are big dogs, and yes they like to get a walk or play ball or chew a bone, but at night she settles down right around 8pm and puts herself to bed. She will sleep in however long in the morning that we want to, she is amazing with other dogs and people, she is extremely smart- but stubborn, her expressions are human like, and she reminds me of a huge fluffy, goofy muppet. Oh, she also does not shed- but her coat is a BIG time commitment- especially with all 4 seasons here. All of our close friends have dogs and they all LOVE her and comment on how she is such a great dog- the only downside is her huge fluffy tail that swipes drinks and plates and faces when people are over, haha!


    So like I said that is OUR dog, we did a lot of training, socialization to get her this way- but I think the overall breed characteristics if brought up the right way are that they are very family friendly dogs, great for an active lifestyle, and just love being around people. They train relatively easy and I find them being a hyper-calm, if that makes sense. When shes hyper she plays- but does not become a pest and settles right down. Hope that helps some!

    • Thanks for the info. Exactly HOW much grooming does your GD take? How often do you brush her, for how long and how often do you take her to the groomers? And is she a standard?

      • I just tried replying from my phone and it didnt work, but if you get a double post- thats why.


        When I say alot of work, its really not that bad, but I do all grooming myself. Right now she is real shaggy about 4-5 inches long and I have to brush her at least 1x a week maybe twice if I have time. If I dont its not the end of the world, but then it takes me about 3x longer.  I would say the average time I spend brushing is 45min give or take time.  We bathe her when dirty in our own tub- which is probably about every 6weeks. and I prob only cut her about 4x a year- shave her right down for summer and keep long in winter.


        She is a standard, breeder predicted 40-50ibs, and she is 65 Ibs. Her head sits high up on my thigh and Im 5'3. Lots of people comment on how big she is, but I love her size, she is my gentle "giant".

  • Cosmo is a medium multigen ALD. Originally, we thought we wanted a standard, because my husband wanted a big dog. We were looking at labradoodles because I am allergic to most animals and my husband really didn't want a poodle.

    I did research online and narrowed our choices down to two breeders within driving distance of our home. I chose one to contact first, because she had a great web site, with very complete information; she was a member of the breeder associations; and she actively participated with her puppies' owners here on Doodlekisses. I completed her web-based info form, and she contacted us right away. She explained that, although she knew we were looking for a standard, she had two medium puppies available with the temperament (calm, laid-back) and coat type we were looking for. She invited us to come and visit.

    At her home, we met the two puppies and their parents, along with a few other adult dogs in the medium and mini sizes. As we interacted with those dogs, we realized the medium size would really be good for us--not too small and not too large. So we chose the chocolate puppy and took him home!

    I know a goldendoodle, who is a lovely dog, but I have never owned one. So I can't compare the two with any great depth. However, just taking the genetics into consideration, if you are definite about a medium-size dog, I really think you are more likely to find that in a multigeneration breeding.

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