Different Dogs

Just for fun, I was wondering if any of you have thought about what kind of do you'd have if you couldn't have a doodle. I have a long list of dogs I wish for. They all have pros and cons. What other dogs do you love? 

I'll start - a few off my list, in no particular order

Portugese Water Dog - doodliest looking, possibly too high energy? 

Standard Poodle - If I'm thinking of a show dog, could I pick a more challenging breed to groom? 

Golden Retriever - Lots of shedding. Lots of cancer. The cancer issues are more worrisome than the shedding.

Old English Sheepdog - Love their fluffy coat. I don't know too much about them otherwise.

Italian Spinone - Maybe too high energy? Though the ones I've met don't seem to be. 

Papillon - perfect coat, perfect pocket size. Big dog in a small package. Hard to housetrain.

Irish Wolfhounds - Don't live long enough. Big poops, big food bill. Gentle giants.

I could go on all day. There aren't many dogs I don't love. 

I tend to cross dogs off my list that I've seen to be super high energy and drive. Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, all of the Belgians. But people say that doodles are high energy dogs, and I don't find mine to have ridiculous exercise needs. They're active, but they're also kind of couch potatoes. People talk about Portugese Water Dogs and Spinones being high energy dogs. I always wonder how they compare to mine, and if a lot of it is about perspective.  We can play ball. We can go to training classes and for walks, but I'm never going to run 5 miles a day. 

I think I've caught the dog show bug just a little, and I'm thinking about what AKC breed I might want way in the future. I love my girls so much. It's hard to decide on a second choice dog breed.

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        • You and I are identical in that respect. I lost out on an adorable puppy this past Saturday because i cannot make a 15 year, life changing commitment on the spot in the middle of a busy pet supply store. 
          You know I left the shelter without Jack the first time I met him. The fact that he was still available three days later when I was sure I wanted him just goes to prove he was meant to be mine. 

        • I don't know if I would describe myself as an impulsive dog buyer. Others may describe me that way though. I saw Willow online and I had here here that night. I wasn't even really looking for a puppy. I mean, I was looking and trying to talk myself out of it and sort of thinking about it, but not in active search mode. I really thought I was going a different direction. But then I saw her and I just knew. Maggie and Ava were the same way. I saw them, put in an application and they were here. Maybe I have a strong sense of meant to be. I feel like if it feels right it usually works out the way it's meant to.

          • Maybe you do have that sense. I have zero sense of that. Zero.

            • It doesn't seem to extend to other areas of my life. Change and decisions are impossible. 

  • After two doodles, my latest dog is a Wirehaired vizsla. If I could find another F1 LD like my Hartley I'd do it in a heartbeat, but it's almost impossible to find good F1 breeders these days.  Here they are - Hartley will be 12 years old at Christmas and Rhuairidh is 13 weeks in this picture. My sport is agility so I wanted an athletic dog, vizslas need a LOT of exercise, but I knew that going into it!3550315536?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Super cute!! Those ears <3  
      Yeah, F1s are pretty much nonexistent from anything close to resembling a responsible breeder.  It's a lucky rescue or nothing.  

      • His ears are ridiculous!

        • Your baby is adorable! I agree about the breeders. I think they're breeding for profit margin and not because they think they habe something really special that will make the breed better. It's not a good reason to breed. I saw a F1 breeder with a brown poodle and a golden and they were shocked when they had black puppies. That's basic genetics. What else do they not know?

  • In honor of this discussion I'm watching the movie "Best in Show" :-D

    • Haha :)  I like that movie.  Darn, not on Netflix was going to watch it again :p

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