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anyone's vet ever put their pup on a digestive aid for diarrhea? Our 4 month old GD randomly started having soft running poops for about a week so the vet put him on enduro digestive aid (looks like chocolate pudding) and royal canine gastrointestinal puppy kibble. Does anyone have any suggestions on good dog food for sensitive stomachs that we can switch to once he finishes this stuff. Royal canine ingredients didn't really impress me too much for the price. May go raw when he's older.


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  • Has a fecal test been done? That would be the first step before digestive aids, food changes, etc. 
    Rx foods are really a waste of money, they contain nothing therapeutic or medicinal, they are just bland, cheap ingredients with a big price tag. 
    The best "digestive aid" is a good probiotic like Proviable, but nothing is going to help if the dog has giardia or another parasite.
    Also, if your pup has been treated with metronidazole (Flagyl), that in itself will cause diarrhea after it is discontinued if you don't give a good probiotic for several weeks after treatment. 
    We have lots of info on all this plus lots of food recommendation in the Food Group. Please join us there. 

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  • no they we did bland diet for a few days but it didn't help then they put us on that diet. I'll check the links thanks 

    • The most important thing is to have a fecal done. Nothing that you feed or give him will do any good if he has intestinal parasites. And it is very very very common for doodle puppies to have giardia. 

      • Yea I was curious to why they didn't want to rule out parasites right away. Ill ask to bring in a sample and have a test tomorrow.

        • This is really important. If the fecal is positive, ask for Panacur. NOT metronidazole (Flagyl). Be firm about this. Panacur is more effective and much safer, and will not cause ongoing stool issues like metronidazole does. 

          • i dont see that ingredient on the package (metronIdazole)

            The package says Entero Aid + GI for a healthy gut 

            main ingredient is a mineral called Montmorillonite and Dextrose 

            • I'm talking about meds from the vet, to treat giardia if the fecal is positive. Metronnidazole is a drug. So is panacur, but a much safer one. If the fecal is positive, you must kill the parasites with some type of medication. 
              As for probiotics, keep in mind that the people in the pet store are retail clerks, not medical professionals. Probiotics have to contain a minimum of 5 billion CFUs to be effective. Nothing they sell in a pet supply store will meet that criteria. Nothing in that product contains ANY CFUs or any probiotics. Neither do the ones you mentioned below. Order Proviable online. 

              • Carna Flora website states it has 18 billion cfu. 

                • If you read it carefully, it states that it has 18 billion cfus in a kilogram. It also states that a single serving is only 43 grams. There are 1000 grams in one kilogram, which means that there is less than one billion cfus per serving. 774 million, to be exact. That's nowhere near enough.
                  I've been doing this for a long time, lol. 

                  • Ok thanks

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