• Cute isn't it?  But also messy.  Several sites sell a water bowl with a lid.  The lid had a hole big enough to put a nose in but not feet.  I used the one I still have with a couple of our dogs over the years.  It also doubles as a traveling water bowl.  Try Orvis, Chewy or google splash free water bowl.  Enjoy your new puppy.




  • They do have a lot of neat no splash no spill bowls these days.  
    In the meantime, I would just remove the bowl when he does that, distract him with something else, and a few minutes later put it down again.  Rinse, repeat.  


    •  Riley used to stick her paw in, no digging though.  Whenever she did it we just took it away and gave it back a few minutes later.  Redirection just like toddlers lol.

    • My problem with all these "no splash" bowls (and other gimmicky "problem solver" bowls) is that they all seem to be made of plastic. Which is an absolute no-no for furnished dogs, unless they are a color that will hide the staining, lol. 

      • I agree about plastic.  I wouldnt want to ruin this beautiful face.


        • Oh, he is stunning!!!!
          Absolutely beautiful! 
          What's his name?


          • Thank you.  Andie.  

            • So beautiful! :)  What a sweet little face.  

              His nose reminds me of Luna's, she had a rose nose, it was black as a puppy though.

              • Thanks.  His nose went from pink to almost black.  Now it's lightening again - snow nose?

                • Luna definitely had snow nose and she was half apricot pooodle.  That's probably it!  As she aged it didn't quite go to black in the Summer, more of a dark brown.

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