Hi everyone!  Just took my 8.5 week old for her first vet visit with our vet (new to us because this is our first pet since my childhood family dog) they talked me into repeating the first distemper vaccine that the breedwe's vet had given her at 6 weeks.  They said 8 weeks is when they typically start thE series of distemper shots because any younger they are still relying on mother's milk for antibodies and therefore don't process the vaccine antibodies as well (or something along this lines! 😂). Now I'm concerned that she may not have needed a repeat of it.  Also, they sent her home with a dewormer even though her fecal was negative.  She has mild puppy pyroderma as well which they said to just wipe with baby wipes and it should subside.  Does all of this sound normal!?  Sorry for so many questions. I'm so new at this and want to be sure I'm making the best decisions for her and that I can trust our new vet!  Thanks for any input!

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  • Puppies need 3 distemper shots, the first one to be given between 6-8 weeks, the next two to be given 2-4 weeks apart. Your vet is correct in that it is better to give that first shot at 8 weeks than at 6 weeks. I was fortunate in that my puppy's breeder keeps the pups until they are 10 weeks old, and doesn't give that first shot until they are 8 weeks. But doodle breeders seem to send puppies home as early as possible, so I guess that's why your breeder chose to do it at 6 weeks, which is really pretty early. I see on your page that Holly came home on Christmas Eve, which was 2 weeks ago. So it sounds like she came home at 7 weeks, or less? That is really too young.
    I don't know why your vet would have sent home a dewormer if the fecal was negative. Personally, I would have asked the vet why. Did you have paperwork from your breeder showing when the puppy was dewormed? if not, that might be why your vet erred on the side of caution. My breeder sent Jasper's full vet record home with him, which included info on when he was dewormed and with what. The young age at which Holly left her breeder might also be a reason why your vet is being proactive. 
    Pyoderma in young puppies is fairly common, but it's also a sign that the environment in which the puppy was living and/or the care given was a bit less clean than we might want it to be. If a puppy has been bathed and kept in a clean environment, they typically don't come home with pyoderma. The wipes should resolve that. 

    • Thanks for your reply!  Yes, I have records of her deworming and shots. The breeder provided all records from the vet.  That's why I'm struggling on whether to accept the advice of our new vet or if I should find a different one 🤷🏻‍♀️ I was worried she was a bit young to come home as well but I did feel very comfortable with the breeder and confident that they are reputable.  The living conditions were ideal. Very clean and tidy so I doubt the pyroderma is a result of the breeder.  It is in her private area so it might be a lack of diligently keeping that area clean and dry on my end.  I'm learning puppy parenting as I go and probably should have bathed her before now! I did read to dab the area with a 50/50 solution of apple cider vinegar and water.  Thank you for your advice and insight!  

      • Don't use vinegar of any kind on her, especially on her private parts. You only see that kind of advice on really bad "home remedy" and "natural" websites with no science behind them. Use only the wipes your vet gave you, using vinegar can cause problems with the pH of her skin and make it worse.  

        • Good to know!  Thank you so much!

    • My vet gave a dewormer at every puppy visit. It's just what they do there I guess.

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