9603397301?profile=RESIZE_400xSome of you know that we added to our pack in July.  Jinkxy is the sweetest little pipsqueak ever.  She was a teen mom re-homed by the rescue I volunteer with, Doodle Rescue Collective.  Her owner either planned and chickened out, or was to dumb to know the facts of life when she purchased two (not related thankfully) minis from a doodle broker.  She purchased this cute pair when she was at home during the Covid shut-down.  When the country opened up again she was transferred to the Los Angeles area and worked long hours, leaving her two puppies unsupervised for about 12 hours a day.  She decided that the dogs were too much trouble so contacted the rescue, but was incensed when it was suggested that the female (then named Sydney) was undoubtedly pregnant.  She cut off contact with the rescue, until........ weeks later when Sydney was at a pet sitter's having puppies.  The sitter told the owner they would not keep Sydney or her hubby, so the owner reluctantly called me.  Luckily there was a wonderful foster who picked up both young doodles and by then two puppies (the third being born in the car) and taught Sydney how to be a mama. 9603416092?profile=RESIZE_400x Mama and pups thrived, but when it came time for mama to leave, I couldn't let her go to any home but mine. 








Sold as a goldendoodle, Jinkxy doesn't fit any perameters for being a goldendoodle - she is tiny (light as a feather, doesn't have a poodle build at all, has a spotted coat (merle coloring found mostly in Australian Shepherds). blue in one eye and she herds ( a little ankle biting never hurt anyone, right?).  We truly figured she had Australian Shepherd and some small curly-ish dog like maltese or ??? so I DNA tested her with Embark.  Because she is from a puppy mill, I sprung for the health portion too.  The results were fascinating if you like that sort of thing. 



Jinkxy is indeed a mini goldendoodle - F1B with a small poodle on both sides of her family tree.  Poodle people can fight over where the merle coloring came from and I don't really care, I just think she is uniquely adorable.   If you are interested here is a link to her DNA results.  http://embk.me/jinkxy?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark

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  •  Well, I've heard that these tests can be wildly inaccurate, and I guess this proves it, lol.  The maternal haplotype is showing no Poodle, which is strange, as they are showing the parents as a Poodle Golden mix and a Poodle. 

    I'm disappointed that the testing didn;t give more detailed (or accurate) results. It's scary that many doodle breeders only do this kind of health testing. 

    I wonder if you had not put down the breed mix she was sold as, but rather just said "rescue dog, mixed breed", if the results would have been different. 
    Jinkxy is absolutely adorable, and as sweet as can be, but there is something else besides Golden and "small Poodle". 

    • I did put mixed breed when I sent in the sample. I only added a profile after I got results. 

    • I think the tests are fairly accurate nowadays because data bases include most common breeds and technology has increased tremendously. Gone are the days when your little chihuahua was DNAed  as 3/4 St. Bernard. :-)

      • Well, I'm a member of a Poodle genetics group on Facebook, headed by a woman who is a professor of Molecular Biology at Colgate University, has a PhD in Biochemistry from Harvard University and does molecular genetics research in dog body size and some coat colors in dogs. She's also a breeder of Toy Poodles. And she says that these DNA tests vary wildly in accuracy.


        • Thanks. I found the results fun and entertaining. Do I care whether Jinkxy's parent had something else in her, of course not. Maybe I would if I paid thousands for her. She's from a puppy mill and she's a rescue. 

          • I don't at all mean to imply that you should care if there are other breeds in her, or that there is something wrong or undesirable if there are.
            The "merle Poodle" issue is a real problem for people who care about breed preservation and health, as well as for the dogs themsleves. With this being a doodle site and so many doodle breeders claiming to have merle Poodles,  it is important to those of us who love the breed to make sure that people know that there is no such thing. And of course, DK has always been about educating. 
            I was told that when a breed is way far back in the lines and makes up only a very small part of the dog's DNA, which may be the case where a merle breed was introduced into a line just once generations ago, that may not show up in DNA tests. Apparently, the lower the percentage of whatever it is, the less likely it is to show up in these DNA tests. 

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