• You're supposed to show us a picture of what a squashed frog pose is. I am having a hard time picturing that and I'm kind of glad. Do you mean like this?

    • Now Linda...linda, linda, entered a photo into our contest right? So you knooooowwww how to insert it into your discussion rather than tease us with an attachment...right? :-D
      • I haven't entered yet but I plan to. I thought you preferred attachments in the discussions!!! It takes less room.
        • I would actually love to get rid of the attachment option... but I can't. There is an easy way to use photos that you already have uploaded doodle kisses so that the photo is not too large--there is a link to instructions within the contest announcement if you are curious :-)

  • Many times, Gus sleeps completely flat out on his back, it looks like he doesn't have any bones! I figured it's cooler for him. I don't have a picture, but I'll try to get one and post it here. Do you have a photo of Della Lee in her "frog" pose?
  • it's very common...we call it the "doodle pose" -- but realistically lots of dogs do this, but it's fun to call it the doodle pose. We had a slide show on our front page last year with JUST the doodle pose:
  • lol..Beck sleeps like that and his tongue sticks out of his mouth about 1/2 inch while he's sleeping, it's very funny
  • Ollie sleeps like this all of the time and whenever he rolls over on the floor someone will say "Doodle pose!!!"

    He also loves sleeping scrunched up facing the couch, legs tucked under him pressing onto the couch - we were wondering if it is because he is crate trained and is used to having a 'wall'close by to curl up to. Does anyone elses dog do this? Are they crate trained?? I have just spent 10 mins going through my photos and I can't believe I can't find one of him sleeping like this - I'll take one tonight.......... lol
  • I absolutely LOVE the description - "squashed frog"! That is exactly what Roo looks like when he sleeps on his back with noodles for legs. Honestly, I am soooo jealous. I wish I could bend like that and be so relaxed...
  • Squashed frog LOl Love it :-) Max does this too. What about flat out on their tummys, isn't this called the frog pose or doodle pose?
    Adina, thanks for posting the slide show.
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