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Just wondering if my Della Lee is the only one that sleeps like that...or if it is a doodle trait!

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I loved the slide show! Our old GR Katie also slept like this all the time. We used to joke that it's a good thing she wasn't born a person, because she'd probably be a call girl, she was ALWAYS on her back!
Lilly also sleeps like that, but every time I try to get the camera she wakes up. I swear she sleeps with one eye open all the time.
Mine sleep like that too, especially the 5 month old. I rather like it since I think it shows how secure they are.

My squashed frog!!
Mine sleep like this.

Her is our squashed frog as a 9 week old and as a 6 mth old. I guess they all must do it.
Ii know exactly what you mean! But not all do. I have two six month olds - Harry sleeps on his back and Ella on her side.
Yes, my Gracie Doodle sleeps like that. It is her favorite pose!!!!!

That's exactly how Trav sleeps in one of his sleeping poses--head tucked just like that!

Chewie often sleeps like this also...just too adorable.

I guess it is a doodle pose since none of my friends' dogs actually sleep in this position :D

Here is my doodle sleeping:

she also enjoys sleeping against walls or in corners haha~

YUP mine do that all the time!



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