Do dogs get overtired?

Ok, so I feel liek I have been pushing Nilla to do a lot of exercise whenever I am with her. A walk on a leash, a play with toys in the backyard.  Each time she gets to a point where she spirals out of control and that is when the crazy nipping and happens and she has her case of the zoomies.  It literally just took 20 mins to catch her in the yard.  I put her in her pen where she barked for 10 mins and when I went upstairs to fold laundery, she passed out.  

I am trying to figure out if I am doing something wrong.  Should I be noticing something in her before I take her out?  Or should I do something better to stop the play?  

When she is with friends dogs she is hardcore playing for a good 45 mins.  

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  • I should add that I teach Prek and I feel like she resembles a child when they are overtired.  Like they just spiral out of control and melt and then they fall asleep.  LOL!

  • First thing I would do is put a leash on her in the yard. You don't have to hold onto it, but it gives you a way to get hold of her if you have to, and psychologically, it helps too. My guy knows when he has a leash on and when he doesn;t, and he behaves better when it's on. 
    Also, keep training treats on you at ALL times. Stash baggies of treats in all your coat pockets, and everywhere in your home where you play with her or work with her. 
    I'd start incorporating training into the play sessions. Give her 10 minutes of free play, and then do some training for 10 minutes. Show her a treat and request a behavior: sit, down, come, whatever. Mix it up.  Retrieving is a great way to work her brains and her body. Each time she brings the ball back to your hand, she gets a treat. On walks, give her the first 10 minutes to sniff around and do her business, and then start working on heeling, sitting at curbs and corners, etc. 
    Working her brains as well as her muscles should help. 

    • Great advice...I will do that thanks!


  • I'm new to this group, but my 4 month old doodle has the exact same behavior. I had to laugh when I saw the that you wrote "case is the zoomies". She will play, fetch, then get a bit zoom crazy and then throw herself down in a ball under her favorite chair or on the couch and sleep. It always reminds me of when my babies were "overtired"!

  • Nilla is still a baby and, like babies, they do get tired, they do need naps.  An indicator of being over-tired is the out of control behavior.  When you see this begin, stop what you are doing and let her take a nap.


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