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Maggie got cut too short today and the groomer blamed it on her collar. She said when she cut the mats out around her collar it looked stupid and she had to take her body shorter. She's not naked, but she's definitely shorter than I wanted. 

And the groomer's last day was today. That's the second groomer I've lost in a year. And I almost had this one broken in! I guess we're on the search again. It really stinks. The one that's being recommended by facebook will have me driving 50 miles for grooming. I mean, I am considering doing the 17 hour round trip monthly for our original groomer... but 50 miles seems excessive for anyone else.

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Yes, rolled leather collars do not cause matting. The other collar that works for my boys is called a water or hydro collar. Hair slides around rather than getting rubbed into mats. Leather collars’ dye will bleed onto the coat if they get wet— just a tip for not getting a crazy red or green one!  I’ve come to prefer the hydro collars from a Canadian company called Hot Dogs All Dressed. You can choose from lots of colors and decorations. The collars last forever. 

I've seen you mention the hydro collars before - what are they made out of? I can't quite figure it out. The other option would be to just take her collar off when we're home, but I just can't bring myself to do that. What if something happened and she ended up out in the world? 

I didn't think of the dye bleeding. I was thinking purple... I guess I will have to figure out if a purple neck is going to be a problem!

My dogs wear their collars 24/7 because I have the same fear. I’m on my phone but as soon as I get to my computer I’ll add links and photos. 

The hydo collars are like plastic.  The good ones do not mold or crack or get stinky in any way.  Here is an actual link to the company I use:    I have two collars that Charlie uses that were my beloved Springer's and must be at least 6 or more years old - still looks pretty much new.  What is fun is that you can choose the 'add ons' specifically - like one of these and one of those etc.  Ned is a mini - a larger one, but still a mini.  He needs the narrowest width but he needs it to be a bit longer - I just request that and they accommodate.  A friend uses a company called Poochie Mama -

Photos of  my hotdogsalldressed collars - Clancy (THE Mayor or Sheriff), Ned (Ned also has one with monkeys :-}), my son's doodle, Charlie, my daughter's lab.  I'm thinking that the next time I order I will order the narrowest width for all of them because Charlie and Clancy have martingale collars for walking and I only want these for their IDs. hmmmmmmmmm  - good excuse to buy new collars!

I wonder if it's biothane. I had this collar company pop up on facebook the other day and it's taken me a while to figure out what their collars are made of. They're pricy, but blingy! It's called No Ruffs.

The thing is, I can only justify spending that kind of money on a collar if I keep their hair short enough to see it! 

That one is gorgeous!!!!   I'm going to check them out.  If the collar company is a reputable one using whatever  Hot Dogs All Dressed and Poochy Mama  use, the collar could last them for a very, very long time.  Our collars are pricey - to me, but well worth it.  And my dogs' collars don't really show but they don't mat their coats, crack or stink either. :-} 

It's a new company, but so popular that they're temporarily closed to new orders so they can catch up. That seems responsible to me. I'm going to keep an eye on them for sure. You're talking me into it! Not matting or stinking are both good things!

I was just reading that poochie mama website. It is biothane! There you go. Now I really want one (or two, though Katie doesn't have the matting problem for whatever reason)

I can really vouch for whatever the Hot Dog collar material is which I couldn’t find it on their website—now I’m going to have to send an email to inquire. 

That one is gorgeous!!!! I'm going to check them out. If the collar company is a reputable one using whatever Hot Dogs All Dressed and Poochie Mama use, the collar could last them for a very, very long time. Our collars are pricey - to me, (about $40.00) but well worth it. And my dogs' collars don't really show but they don't mat their coats, crack or stink either. :-}  I keep looking at the PoochieMama, No Ruff, and Hot Dogs All Dressed photos.  Hot Dog collars seem slicker and perhaps that is what prevents matting.  I'm going to check out my friend's at the next romp.

You are right in that the collars don't show much - on Ned and Clancy, pretty much never, but on Charlie - sometimes :-}

I just love that face! Such a happy boy. You can see Maggie's collar today! *eyeroll*




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