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Maggie got cut too short today and the groomer blamed it on her collar. She said when she cut the mats out around her collar it looked stupid and she had to take her body shorter. She's not naked, but she's definitely shorter than I wanted. 

And the groomer's last day was today. That's the second groomer I've lost in a year. And I almost had this one broken in! I guess we're on the search again. It really stinks. The one that's being recommended by facebook will have me driving 50 miles for grooming. I mean, I am considering doing the 17 hour round trip monthly for our original groomer... but 50 miles seems excessive for anyone else.

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I hope we like it and that it helps. Shipping is going to take a minute, so I'll update after we try it out. 

I think you'll appreciate this. This morning I woke up to Maggie snuggled up next to me in bed, patting (smacking) my face for more pets. I was the happiest person in the world!

My doodles used to always matt around the neck. I bought them both rolled leather collars. Absolutely no matting since. 

They also have held up very good. 

That's good to know! Thank you. I hope it works for Maggie too. Grooming is my worst subject.



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