• Based on experience how do you think her adult coat will be?

  • Looks to me like she will have a flat coat with no furnishings.   She is a cutie. :)  I love the colour.

    • 😔 I was definitely hoping that she would be wavy

      • How old is she?  Here's a pic of our bernedoodle Riley when she was about 12 weeks old, I'd consider her adult coat "wavy" since it's definitely not straight but doesn't have ringlets (for the most part anyway).

        You can see Riley had quite a bit more "fluff" around her face than your pup does and her body/leg hair is a lot longer.


        By comparison here is our previous dog, Luna, a flat-coated goldendoodle around that age.  You can see her coat is a lot more similar to your pup's, though I think Luna's hair was even shorter than your puppy's.


        • She's only 9 weeks old.  

          • Ah ok!  Here are some 9 week pics of current and previous pups for comparison then.



            • What does Luna look like now? This is a better picture of her body. 4986872872?profile=RESIZE_930x

              • Looks like the same type of coat as Luna's. 

                I'm also now thinking she probably doesn't have furnishings. 

              • Luna passed away a few years ago but this is a picture of her as an adult:


  • I think she might get some furnishings. Hard to say. But she's not going to be curly. 

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