I have all the weird questions. I ordered a fire pit. I've wanted one for ages. And I have this little fantasy about sitting by the fire reading a book while the dogs sit by my feet. My concern is that sometimes they're nuts and I'm afraid they're going to run into this thing and knock it over and get hurt. I know wild animals are supposed to have a natural aversion to fire, but I wonder if this is something I should actively train, or even be worried about. I could put an x-pen around it too, if they act like they're going to be nosy. I know lots of people do things and don't worry about it. Sometimes I wish I could be one of them. But my brain just sees all the injuries and accidents out there and I've never been able to turn it off. But in my defense, I do keep them safe! 

So, any experiences with dogs around a fire? 

Thanks!! Stacy

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  • In my exeprience, firepits are for outside only. Is that what you got?

    • Yes, it's for outside. I have a nice concrete pad from where I pulled the shed down and I want to put some patio chairs and a firepit and maybe some decorations and make it into my little back yard oasis. 

      It's this one: 


      I also want another deck off the kitchen, but that's a spring project. I really bought this house for the yard! I love it out there.

      The Solo Stove Bonfire is an award winning portable fire pit design. Experience a fire pit that is easy to light and has a near smoke free burn. You'…
    • HAHAHA ... this comment cracked up me up when I first read it.  Imagining this indoor fire pit...lol.  I think that's called a house fire.

      • In my defense though, "I have this little fantasy about sitting by the fire reading a book while the dogs sit by my feet" does sound more like an indoor activity than an outdoor activity to me. Mostly because the possibility of Jasper sitting at my feet in the yard as opposed to chasing squirrels and patrolling the fenceline for any sign of human/dog activity within eyesight is slim to none. 

        • I'm with you on this one, there are indoor fire pits, they just usually call them fire places! But we don't have one of those. After the girls wrestle each other into submission and chase all the squirrels out of the yard they do sometimes settle down and just hang out with me. And I feel like it's more likely to happen in the evening when I would be having a fire. I have a kindle, so I can read in the dark. I don't know what we did before we could read in the dark. I crawled in bed with a paperback one night and turned out the lights... That doesn't work as well. 

        • Totally get it!  We have a fire place and I don't actually enjoy it at all.  It makes the rest of the house colder and only heats up a few inches in front of it.  I prefer a heater and summer...lol.

          • I also prefer summer. But I love a good fire. This whole fire pit thing might be a real comic act. I was camping in Colorado one year and there was a fire pit at the campsite. I was so excited. I bought fire wood and... nothing. I could not light a fire to save my life. I was short on kindling and I knew it, but you weren't supposed to collect and burn anything from inside the park. I couldn't even get notebook paper to catch on fire to get it started. And that was with a nice bic lighter. I did burn my thumb trying. I just don't know how arsonists do it. 

            I've read that dryer lint is good for starting fires. I have loads of that! I might have to watch some youtube tutorials and if all else fails call my dad.

            • "I just don't know how arsonists do it."

              Can you say "accelerant", boys and girls? 

      • I asked my brother if I could put a fire pit inside the screen porch. I did not get a thumbs up on that one. I still think it could work!

  • Well, I haven't spet much time in the presence of dogs and fire, but it seems to me that they always go up to it to see what it is, feel the extreme heat and sometimes get their whiskers singed a little bit, and after that, stay away from it. I can't guarantee that though. 

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