• YUP! They walk with the kids, Trick-or-Treating, too!

  • Great minds think alike! I just posted a discussion to get ideas for halloween!
  • I am too! Charlie is going to be a bumble bee, and I am making her a sweater in black and yellow stripe for it.
    After Halloween is over, she can wear that sweater for the Steeler's day! ( I am from Pittsburgh )
  • Yes, our son was a policeman and Casey was his police dog. Feel free to view our photos.

    Casey halloween1.htm

    Casey halloween2.htm

  • Our training facility throws a Howl-o-ween party every year and encourages people and dogs both to dress up. It's fun to see all the costumes. Some are very creative. In the past our bunch has been a punk rock band, angels and devils, and tourists. I'm having trouble thinking up a costume this year though. I don't sew and have to pull stuff together from clothing items, etc. That means costumes for two dogs (that they won't shake off right away) and two humans. :)
  • Max will be Frankenstein for Halloween. I'm trying to get my husband to be The bride of Frankenstein and I'll be Igor. :)
    • Ollie is going to be "BatDog" to my 3 year old's "BatMan"!
  • Nope!
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