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My puppy is 10 weeks old. I feed him at 6 pm every evening. Should he poop 4 times between feedings? He also poops in his kennel so im up giving him a bath at 2am! NOT FUN!! Just wondering if this is normal for a pup.

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Here are some more questions that might help people respond:

1)  What are you feeding him?

2)  How many times a day are you feeding him?

3)  Do you have his crate divided so he only has room to turn around?

4)  Is he pooping 4 times between each feeding?

5)  Is his poop firm?

Pro Plan puppy.

3 times a day. 3/4 cup

No his crate is not divided. Its a small crate.

Yes 4 times between feedings.

Not firm.


I'd take a stool specimen to the vet and have a fecal done. 




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