Huff is acting a little bit different since he started the pain pills, Tramadol. It is like he is really really happy for every little thing now. I was talking to him and he started wagging his tail which he doesn't usually do. He doesn't wag his tail to the people he sees all the time, everyday. He mostly wags his tail at the people he doesn't see all the time. Now he wags his tail pretty much constantly. Do dogs usually get loopy like this from pain pills? It is actually kind of funny...

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  • Tramadol makes me a little happy, so I don't see why it wouldn't do the same for Huff.  Glad to hear he is feeling better.

    • Me too:) Thanks:)
  • Tramadol could definitely make Huff loopy. I wonder if it isn't time to wean Huff off these pills since his paws must be healing and Tramadol can be habituating.
    • He has only been on it since like Monday but we have stopped giving them to him today. I don't think he is in much pain anymore... he walks pretty normally.
  • I was just curious as to the dosage you are giving him?
    • The vet prescribed us to give him 3 tablets every 8 hours. Seems like a lot to me. I don't really know though.
  • Maybe hes happy because he is not in pain anymore?  :)
  • In the human world it is similar to codeine, and is used for chronic pain relief as well as acute, such as trauma or surgery.

    If it's only been a few days and he is just now feeling better, I see no harm in decreasing his dose to see if you can keep him comfortable, thereby weaning him, but I would think he's still healing and tender.  However, I am a big fan of pain meds when needed for myself and my patients, so I say let him wag his little tail and be happy!!

  • Huff is high!  I would decrease the pain med a bit and see how he does :)
    • That is what I thought. I read online about it and it did say that when dogs are taking tramadol, they are basically a little high. haha:) I asked here to make sure it wasn't just me who thought Huff was high. hahaha:)
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