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Always wondered why Murphy greets us and then quickly runs to grab a toy to bring to whomever he is meeting at the door. Anyone else's doodle do that? Ever figure out why? Besides the obvious of wanting to play, is there some dog philosophy to sharing thier toys?

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My miniature poodle always did that. I used to joke that she was putting something in her mouth to keep from biting us in her excitement!
Yes it makes sense that it;s a retriever thing. And he does do it when he's happy and excited. Biting, not so much for me, cus he doesn't with me, but I can see that with DH. Murphy thinks he's his personal chew toy. But Daddy allows it too.
Our Lab will run & hunt down a favorite toy as soon as he sees us. He simply cannot greet anyone without it. If he comes in for a pet first, he'll frantically run around until he finds the toy he wants & then comes back to be greeted again. He doesn't drop the toy...just stands there wiggling with it in his mouth. Our goldendoodle puppy does not do least not yet :)
YES! He just shakes with glee while holding the toy!!! Won't let it go, so I'm thinking it's not about playing with him, it's a greeting ritual.
I know that when my husband comes home Gracie Doodle has go grab her tennis ball before she runs out the door to greet him as he gets out of his car! Though Poppa is Gracie's big TOY! He plays with her every night when he gets home. They throw and fetch the ball for a good half hour every night! When she greets me she just wants love. I am the Alpha in the family!!! Poppa is the rule breaker and toy!!
Yup Nancie, Sounds like you have the same situation at home that I do....Me - "the sargent" , Dad "the litter mate",
Malibu will grab any stuffed animal she has and will throw it around and run and shake it for at least 5 minutes when we get home. It's the cutest thing. Even when she goes for a car ride she'll grab a stuffed toy and bring it along. Even so when she went to her Bff's house to play. Her goldendoodle then got into the habit of carrying "her baby" around.
Marlow always does that! He has to run to find one as soon as I come inthe door. Normally it is a tennis ball, but if they are all outside any other toy will do. First thing in the morning when we wake up he goes out and then comes back in and leans up on the bed with a ball in his mouth for a morning hug.
Leo greets us first, then gets the toy.....depending on the toy he brings is what he wants. If it is the kong, its a treat, if it is his ball its fetch & if he brings his rope, it's tug-o-war. As he picks through the basket of toys there is a definite intention to what he wants. We watch him pull things out and drop on the floor until he gets what he wants. We laugh all the time about it....such decisions!
Our dog does not do that but our neighbors golden retriever does that all the time!
Elaine, that is just the funniest of all of them! Yes, I feel his dilema. So many choices!!!
Beau does this on our way out the door........when he realizes we are going out, he does a quick scan to see what he can grab in his mouth and carry out the door with him! LOL



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