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Charlie's chin seems to be always wet from drinking water. I am thinking about shaving her face....

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I keep a small towel beside Yankee's water bowl. If any of us happen to see him drink, we go wipe his chin. It's either that or a wet spot on your lap later. (from the dog)
Noooo, don't shave her face. The face is what makes them a "Doodle". It shows so much personality!! Like Linda said, if you see her drinking, just grab a towel or paper towel and give her a quick wipe. Be thankful she doesn't put her paws into the water too. That is what Gracie likes to do so I am always dealing with wet paws as well :)
I have had issues with the wet beard, too....and I did shave Shiloh's face (well we had all of him shaved, due to matting) It does make the wet beard issue better, however....he looks EXACTLY like a standard poodle instead of a doodle. I like the convenience of a shaved face....but not the look of it. I am hoping to never need to shave him again. My DH wants to try the shamwow towels for beard wiping. Has anyone used those?
I've tried them for patting down the dogs when they're out in the rain and I think regular towels are easier to use and more effective.
Cooper's beard is always wet after a drink. After we wipe it, it still seems damp to me. I've posted a bunch of times on that wet, stinky beard factor. We didn't have his face shaved, but we did have the groomer cut the bottom of his beard much shorter last time and it worked like a charm. Here's what he looked like....maybe too poodly for you, but its a thought. I thought he still looked okay, but who knows?

Cooper looks very spiffy!
I agree,I thought handsome doodle :)
Cutting the beard shorter really helps. I keep Murphy's about 1/2- 1 inch in length. At 1 1/2 - 2 inches he's like a wet mop all the time....
Neely is like a wet mop. This is the only downfall we have with doodles. We have just come to realize we will never have a clean floor. We will always have wet socks. We will get slimmed.
I have looked at different types of bowls, nothing so far. I would like to hear if the sham wow works? I was wondering wether a raised dish with a fabric border might help drag the beard against it . Does anyone have any training ideas for drying their own faces???
That would be cool!

My friend has a sham wow and loves it for drying her dog. Maybe a sham wow as a border on the water dish but you have to wring them out. Maybe cover a couch cushion in terry cloth and that could be the dog's cushion.
See above.

Yep, the face is always drippy and stainy....But I have gotten over it!



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