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We were surprised when we got Darwin that most people we see think he is a Wheaten. There is the occasional person who knows he's a Goldendoodle, but 90% do not. We've even had Wheaten owners come up and excitedly start talking to us about Wheatens! It's pretty comical.

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yes, people have asked if Baker is a Wheaten several times...
When Zeke was about 7 months he was mistaken for a Wheaten by a woman who was just sure about him and was very disappointed when she learned what he was. Since maturing he looks like the classic Labradoodle,(very handsome!)
No, but I made the mistake of thinking two Wheatens were doodles. The owners sternly corrected me and rushed off in a disgusted huff! Ha
I am with Joanne. I ran up to what I thought was a medium doodle and it was a wheaton. lts owners said it wasn't friendly - so sad!
Yeah Nancy. The Wheatens I met were not friendly at all either! And they had them out at a dog festival! Huh?
We do get asked that by Wheaten owners quite often. Although now that our girl is getting so tall I doubt it will happen as much. We just went to a festival in a ski town and saw MANY Doodles. Everyone there knew just what Hazel was.
Yes without a doubt. We have a wheaten in our neighborhood and after seeing her I can see why people think there is a resemblance. I am guessing when Snickers is 50 lbs the questions will end as I don't think there are giant soft coated wheatens.
Yes, the two Wheaten Terrier owners were disappointed when I told them what he was as well. There was a Wheaten Terrier in our puppy kindergarten class that was extremely energetic and had problems with jumping and trying to bite faces in aggression. Yikes. I don't know that I'd be able to handle that! But I agree, he is only five and a half months and the size of a full grown wheaten, so it will only be a matter of time until he will be too large.
It's funny what people think doodles are! My guys are so large that the question I get most often is if they are Irish Wolfhounds. That might be Hondo, but Groucho Too is too much poodle to be a wolfhound. One evening as we were walking them down the street in San Juan Batista, a woman passed in her large SUV and did a U-turn to come back. She asked, "Is that some kind of poodle?" So, I think people are starting to learn about doodles.
Halas has been mistaken for a wheaten. Like Jane, I think this is kind of strange because Halas is red. But what's even more strange is that a few people have asked me if he's a sheepdog. I can understand not knowing what he is, but guessing that a red dog is a sheepdog? Surely they could come up with a better guess than that. Most people just ask what kind of dog he is, so they don't even have to bother with a guess.
But he looks like a Snuffleupagus to me!
This happened to us last weekend at an ASPCA event Darby and I attended. A woman who has 3 Wheatens stopped by Darby and asked me what breed she was. I told ehr and she called her husband over and they were so surprised! They just loved everyone else!



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