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Sometimes it becomes necessary to clean Emma's "tushie" when she has a less than solid poop. She absolutely, positively, HATES me even touching her there or lifting her tail up to see if it needs to be done. Then when I do clean her, she really gets angry, tries to bite me, and just lets me know that she's is really not happy with me at all! Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to desensitize her so that it's not such a struggle to do this unpleasant, but sometimes important job?

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I have the same problem. Any help would be great :)
Kelli, I have the same problem with Lucy at the vets. They always want to take her temp. first thing and that just gets her very jumpy. The last time they did that, a couple of years ago, she would not even let the vet near her then. So from now on I tell them, no temp. or do it very last. She does not want anyone to touch her bum, even me. She does let me clean her there when getting bathed and that is it. She doesn't like her tail brushed either. She loves the rest of her brushed, but not the tail. I have to back her into a corner and brush her tail.
Thats a question I would like to know the answer to also. Both my dogs hate it. THeir tails go down, their heads go down. Sometimes its a while before they will look at you again.
Koda has that problem sometimes - in fact he just had that issue this morning. So gross!!! I try to keep the hair in that area shorter but that is the only suggestion that I have. Other than that I am clueless myself.
Rosco's not too thrilled either...he tends to try to sit down. So if he needs cleaning I'll often have Clark talk to him and give him a head massage, chin rub while I clean his behind. Or I'll put him in the bathtub and hose him off in there. I would start with just brief lifts of the tail and GREAT treats as a reward for handling that okay...go VERY slowly and ease into full cleaning over the course of HOWEVER long it takes to make her enjoy it.
I got one of those metal hoses to attach to my shower, like the handheld showers in Europe. You can get it at Costco. It sure did the trick when I have to do this for Beau! and we struggled with this too until I got this thing. Now it is also no problem whatsoever to bathe him....he actually willingly walks right into the walk-in shower when I open the door.
My guys did not like me to wipe their bottoms after a messy poop, but I just growled like I was their mother and wiped and they now tolerate the wipe. I buy baby wipes to do the job.
I have found that if I give Cayenne something fun to chew on, she won't pay attention to what I am doing at 'the other end.' I do this when I have to trim hair 'down there.' Good Luck.



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