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Charlie barks and moves her feet like she is running or something while sleeping.
Once she woke up in the middle of the night yelping, I thought something happened to her, so I got out of bed to see about her. But she just picked her head up in her crate and looked at me like "What's going on?"....

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Yes, Yankee whines in his sleep. I even heard him growl once. I usually go pet him until he stops.
Jack will occasionally whine in his sleep, too; it does sound like he's having a bad dream. Usually, I just say "It's okay, Jack", and he seems to hear me in his sleep, because he quiets down but doesn't wake up.
Gracie does it every night. She either whimpers or starts twitching her legs. I just reach over and give her a pat and stroke her and she never wakes up. I think they are "chasing" things in their sleep and probably whimpering because the "catch" got away. :)
I just read an article about this - sorry I don't remember where. To summarize: They are dreaming - don't wake them as they could think that the dream is real and get scared. Just like humans, they usually don't remember the dreams unless woken during the dream
So glad to hear other doods do this. The twitching is really startling at times as I can feel the whoe bed shake, (Yes, he sleeps w/ us) Glad to get some advice on weather to wake/touch him or not. I usually just try to massage him and see if that helps him settle. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Thought it might be leg spasms, like us when we get a leg cramp.
My doodkes do this....sure seems like dreaming.
There are nights that I am grateful for the Temperpedic Mattress - Samantha must be playing ball in her sleep; she is having such a great time!! Me, not so much but my lack of sleep doesn't matter.
Mandy will whine in her sleep sometimes but doesn't move. I just let her be and she stops.
Both of my doodles do this. They've even barked in their sleep. The real soft woof bark that just a little bark and a lot of blowing out air! I think it's kind of funny and neither of them have ever seemed like they were having a bad dream so I've always left them alone. I do wonder sometimes if they ever catch what they're after and what exactly they're after anyway???
I want to peek into their dream one day, you know?
Is it about their new & tasty food? Is it about the neighbors dogs?
I wonder what bothered them or enlighten them during the day.....
My dood and my dachshund do this. They wimper, whine, puff air, and move their feet, but the weirdest thing to me is watching their eyes. Alot of times they'll be open just a little bit and moving around really fast.



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