Lately, I've been noticing that Callie licks everything. She of course gives me lots of kisses, and is much given to licking my sleeve or pants leg. Now, she's licking the edge of the coffee table, which I can stretch into making sense as I frequently use the coffee table as my dining room table. However, last night I saw her systematically lick each one of the pulls on my bathroom drawers and cabinets (12 in all). Why? Why has she been licking picture frames on my bookshelves? The walls? It is baffling to me. Is this a kind of "marking" behavior?  Any thoughts? 

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  • Lucy is our licker.  She licks the rugs on the floor, her dog bed, my hands, you name it.  I will also be watching for ideas as to why because I have no idea.

  • Quincy is a random licker and does not do it on a regular basis. His favorite things to lick are my toes, my watch and of course the coffee table which we often use as a dining table. Sometimes dogs lick as a stress reliever, is this a new behaviour?

  • hmmm, I've never known a dog to do this, and I've known a lot of dogs.  I really have no clue either.  

  • I did find this article.

  • Canine Pica? (That is a bad attempt at a joke)  :)

  • Parker doesn't lick alll the time but he has been known to lick socks, feet, blankets, rocks, etc. lol

  • Daisy licks her bed, the sides are bolsters and that is what she licks over and over again, every night. Nothing else though.

  • Hunter is a licker - not on us fortunately.  She paticularly loves the underside edges of the kitchen table, counters and coffee tables.  For awhile she was licking the couch.  I did read once that it was a soothing thing for them.  Kind of like a little kid rubs the silky part of a blanket.  Not see how soothing the underside of the kitchen would be but doodles will be doodles! LOL

  • Chloe licks the couch sometimes when she is laying there, but Myla ALWAYS LICKS EVERYTHING including us. We read tons of articles and they say it's probably her being anxious and such. I don't know, she likes to lick the carpet and we give her a toy like they said sometimes she goes right back to it. I never thought of it being a medical issue before so now we have something to think about. We always get annoyed by it but we just thought that was the way she was. But licking every single handle is kind of weird. Is this  a new thing??? I'd be interested in hearing what you find out.

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