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Sage started playing catch with us. If you roll her ball to her, she pushes it right back with her nose. This can go on for 20 minutes! It is the cutest thing ever.

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That is so cute. How did you teach her to do that or is it one of those cute things she came up with on her own?
She just started doing it. I think she realized she could play by using her nose. I was impressed and still am.

Gracie does things like that all the time. We could toss all night in the kitchen and she catches it and then brings it back. If we are reading she will drop in right into the center of the book, set it on the table next to us and if we ignore her she gives it a gentle nudge just so it rolls across our eye path. Just today I was transferring my stuff from my golf bag to a new one. She had her tennis ball and she would drop it inside a pocket in the bag so I would not miss it. This kept going on over and over. She wants me to throw the ball. There have been times when we are sitting in the yard and I have a plastic cup with soda or water in it. She will come over and drop the ball into the cup. When we are in the car she drops it into one of the cup holders. When I am on the computer she rolls it up onto the keyboard. We didn't teach her any of this. I think it is just a Doodle thing! Very cute and smart but from time to time can be annoying!
Do you have a hidden camera in my home? At work, Samantha put her ball under my HR Coord, sits at attention and waits, staring in her eyes. She didn't get it at first but learned quickly when she moved her tush she sat on it and blurt out 'ok, Samantha, I get it, lets play'.

I have a video on my page of Samantha playing Roley Poley. My goal for Samantha is to go to Children's Specialized Hospital here in NJ to work with the kids there. Can you just imagine a child that for whatever the medical reason cannot sit and hates doing exercises but will do them with a big chocolate Doodle playing roley poley????
Halas plays Roley Poley, too. I have a couple of videos on my page called Halas Throwing that show him doing this. It's pretty funny. That would be great if you and Samantha could help kids out with a game of Roley Poley.
That's awesome. I'm jealous. I get excited when Duff even thinks about bringing a ball back to me. He bites his soccer ball and runs rolling it back yet.



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