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Seriously.... It's so nasty! Brody won't lift his leg; he squats and then pees on his front legs.

Dude, have some better aim, for cryin' out loud! You have to walk in my house with those things....

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Yeah, and if you try to move his leg, he stops mid stream and looks at you like...Are you kidding me? I'm busy here!

I'm so glad it's not just me!
I started a similar discussion about lifting the leg. Apparently, it is not uncommon for males to not lift their leg and not a far stretch to then pee on their feet. Gross, I agree.
If his front legs are close enough to his back legs...that can happen and it's gross. Rosco had that problem more when he was a pup but then he sort of elongated and got taller and his pee can't reach his front legs anymore. But I have to say his lifting is not much more helpful. He tends to lose the ability to keep his leg up for the last few drops and I'm pretty sure he gets some on his back legs that way.
Beau learned to lift his leg by watching the other bigger male dogs do this when he was a pup. Do your male doodles get to see other adult male dogs frequently? I am told that this is learned behavior, and if they see other dogs they admire doing this, they will copy. A good dog park is the obvious place for all this.
Halas used to pee on his front legs all the time, but it doesn't happen much any more. Probably because he's a little taller and longer, and he does kind of hike his leg a little bit now. But he does usually step in his pee as he walks away, and then leaves little pee pawprints all over the deck. Just keep the wipes by the door and clean those legs off when he comes in.
Ozzie finally learned how to lift his leg when I started taking him on walks. I also planted a bush where his leash would reach. He killed the bush so I transplanted another bush I hope he cant kill. I thought of buying a fire hydrant but haven't found one yet.



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