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I know it's VERY early.  We got Lucy yesterday morning.  She's an 8 week old Labradoodle.  We want to crate train her.  We have the kitchen gated off, a play-yard area in the kitchen, and a crate for her in the play-yard.  We also have a crate for her to sleep in in our bedroom.  

We introduced her to her kitchen crate gently and she seemed just fine... neutral to it.  We didn't leave the house at all yesterday but we did try shutting the door.  She barked a lot.  She'd quiet down for a few minutes here and there and we'd let her out when she was quiet.  She didn't like being just in the play-yard either.  Oh and then when we do take her out of her crate, she falls asleep anywhere else, so I know she was tired!

She did do well at night in her crate in our room.  She'd whine a little but quieted right down.  We took her out at 3am and she didn't actually do anything, and then again at 7.

So today we did need to leave the house for 2 hours.  It was NO more than 2 hours.  We put her in the kitchen crate and when we got home she had peed in it.  We had taken her out before putting her in there and everything.

I know that things don't happen overnight, but shouldn't she be able to handle an hour or two in the crate without an accident?  We can stay home a lot, and I understand that with a puppy this is important, but we can't stay home 100% of the time!

We homeschool so the kids and I are home during the day so we are available all the time to take her out as much as possible.  And we can take breaks any time and as often as we need.  But we will also need time to do our work and it would be super if Lucy wouldn't be barking!  I'd love to get to the point where she's resting quietly in her crate or play-yard.

Please help!

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Wow, she is doing better already!  I tend to research and ask a lot, like RIGHT when I think there might be a problem or something.  :)

We put a blanket over her crate and she settled down much faster.  She also seemed pretty relaxed just when she was in the playpen area.  

Our kitchen really is where the action is, so I'm sure that helps.  

I hope everyone else is doing well with their pups!  Keeping my fingers crossed that Lucy keeps doing good :)

Great news!!  You'll see that in due time, Lucy will adjust and this will all be a memory in the distant past :).  Way to go Lucy!!



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