• We have a very large, very active group here on DK called The Food Group, where we have discussions about every aspect of feeding our dogs, and a list of recommended food brands. Every brand on this list has been thoroughly checked for sourcing of ingredients as well as the ingredients themselves. Nothing from China, no by-products, no corn, no garbage, no artificial preservatives or colorings, no synthetic vitamin K, etc. Here's the link to the list:

    Recommended Dog Food Brands 2018
    GRAIN-FREE FORMULAS ONLY Orijen  Formulas:  (Formulas are slightly different depending on whether they are made in the U.S. or Canada; check website.…
  • With the current FDA investigations, the cardiologists involved in the investigation have recommended sticking with Royal Canin, Hills, Eukanuba or Purina. Personally, I used to work for Hills and it is a very good brand. I feed Royal Canin + raw (chicken necks and whole raw sardines) and my dogs have always looked great and do very well on it. Don't be concerned about grains or corn, dogs very rarely have allergies to grains (other than wheat and soy) and metabolize things like corn and rice very well.

  • If you look at Earthborne Holistic, it's a good quality that is in a lower price range.  It comes in a variety of choices, some better than others but all better than Hills etc.

    • Yes, Earthborn is on our recommended list. 

    • Some other brands on our recommended list that are excellent and have lower price points are Fromm and Wellness. 

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