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My 48lb 6 month old labradoodle currently is on Fromm Puppy Gold. He gets 1c 3x/day. He also gets approx. 2-3T of pumpkin puree/day and freeze dried beef liver treats (very small) treats for training. He is growing as expected. The only issue is that his gas can clear a room. It is really bad.  It only seems to happen when he is napping but man it makes us all gag. This is our first dog so I don't know if this is just normal or if it's something I should be concerned about. His poop varies from sausage-softserve icecream texture. I DO NOT want to change his food out of haste and make the situation worse. We plan on traninsitioning to Fromm 4-star onces he reaches adult stage. I don't think this warrants a visit to the vet. Any advice?

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  • No it doesn;t warrant a vet visit.

    Usually, you cut back from three feedings a day to feeding twice a day when a puppy is about 4 months old. So I would suggest doing that now. 
    What is his expected adult weight? It's possible you may be overfeeding. 

    • 70-80lbs. We will look into the 2x/day feeding.



  • Smelly gas  and soft poop is not the norm and you don't have to live with it for the next  14 years.  It could be either the food or treats that is causing his issues. The easiest thing to begin with is to cut out the pumpkin and the treats and use pieces of kibble or perhaps dried chicken for training.  If the gas continues, I'd look at other brands on the food list in our nutrition group.   Even though his food is high quality, it may just not agree with your puppy. Just an FYI, pumpkin can work both ways on a dog - help loose stools or cause them. LOL  I see Karen is answering you.  She has very specific answers while mine are just general.  Whatever she suggests is what I would try.

    • I agree on the pumpkin. I wouldn't necessarily eliminate it completely, but I'd maybe give less per day.

      With the training treats, for certain things like housebreaking and recalls, you really do need very high value treats that they only get when they perform as expected. A piece of kibble just won't cut it. And unless he is getting dozens of treats a day, I don't think it's the treats causing the problem. 

      • ok. when we go to obedience training class, we skip dinner in lieu of his kibble and the freeze dried beef but that is once a week. The training at home is sporadic and doesn't amount to much "treats." He is already housebroken without treats but we use treats for the recall and retrieving. 


  • I agree on the pumpkin also.  Cut it back slowly with an eye to eliminating it.  Transition to two meals a day should also help. 

    Dog gas like people gas is heavily influenced by intake both amount and kind.  After transition to two meals and no pumpkin if his gas still is really obnoxious try switching foods.


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