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My puppy is about to be 9 months old and I’m trying to change her food. Right now she’s getting Taste of the wild but I’m not use if I wanna keep her on grain free food. Any suggestions/advice on the grain free diet? She’s also a picky eater.

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Hi Kaley, we have a very large, very active group here on DK called The Food Group, where we have hundreds of discussions about every aspect of feeding our dogs; every type of food, every brand, treats, chews, special diets, the current nonsense about grain free diets, and a list of recommended brands and formulas. Please join us, you will find the info you need to make good, fact based decisions about feeding your pup.

Why do you want to feed grain free? Very few dogs have any issues with grains, other than wheat and soy. If you think she has allergies or sensitivities there are options ( but it's highly unlikely your dog actually needs to be grain free.

If you're really set on that don't feed something containing peas and lentils as it looks like that is what is causing the issue with DCM

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