Poor Cosmo was a floofy little spirit who was boisterous and happy. However, he got severely matted, so we had to shave him right down to the skin (LIKE RIGHT RIGH DOWN) :(( i think he was very upset about it and was shocked that all his fluff suddenly disappeared. He has been quite naughty as a result of it (we assume it's because of that). Here are some before and afters.  

cosmo BEFORE

cosmo AFTER 1

cosmo AFTER 2cosmo AFTER 3

please can someone tell me how long it will take to grow back and if it will grow back? cosmo is very sad and upset about it, and i'm worried for him. please help!


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  •  Yes, the hair will grow back. Just like your hair would grow back if someone shaved it, lol. Regrowth rate is about half an inch per month, also just like humans.
    I'm sure that being naked feels odd to Cosmo, but he might also be more active right now because he is free of the mats that were pulling his skin and actually hampering his movement. He might actually be feeling better physically. Matting is very painful for dogs. 
    To prevent this in the future, Cosmo needs to be brushed thoroughly, to the skin, with a good slicker brush, at least 3 times a week. There are lots of good videos online that show you how to do this correctly. Use a greyhound comb afterwards to "proof"your work: If you can't get the comb through the coat, to the skin, you're not brushing correctly.
    And have him fully groomed every 6-8 weeks. 

  • In a couple months Cosmo will look like an adorable little lamb. His coat looks very healthy and shiny.

  • He doesn't know what he looks like, I promise.  I'm sure it feels DIFFERENT to have less floof, but maybe if you're feeling really sorry for him, you're treating him differently and that's why he's behaving differently.  Yes the hair will grow back.  Shaving hair never makes it stop growing.  Otherwise people would only have to groom a dog ONCE and then it would stay short forever.  

    Do you know how to brush and comb to prevent mats?

  •  Poor Cosmo! Now you have to cuddle him more to keep him warm! :-)   

    Clean slate now, so just keep up with bushing like Karen suggested to keep those mats away.  You might have to be gentle at first so he can get used to the brush against his skin.


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