Last Summer a couple times Riley got sunburnt on her muzzle where her skin is pink and her white hair is sparse.   We got a pool in the Fall do I imagine we will be spending lots of time outdoors.

Anyone have a good recommendation for dog sunscreen?  Having trouble finding one on Amazon.  I know human sunscreen isn't safe for dogs because of the zinc compounds.

Thanks!  Gratuitous Riley picture for cuteness.


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  • She really is just too cute for words. 
    I have never used sunscreen on a dog, but I bet the Chinese Crested owners & breeders would have some good recommendations. :) 

    • We haven't either!  It didn't even occur to me they could get sunburnt (even though it makes sense) until Riley came in with her red muzzle.  I felt so bad im sure it was sore.

      I checked a Chinese crested forum and they all said they either keep their pup indoors, put a shirt on (I can't put a shirt over her face!) Or they used baby sunscreen...which doesn't help because baby sunscreen still has the zinc.

      I'll keep digging!  I'm finding a lot of "nose soothers" but no mention of spf.


  • Perfect timing to bring this up!  There are some sites saying to use any sunscreen on your dog and I was about to use mine on Picco.  This is a first time I noticed that his muzzle is sunburn.  I checked and aloe vera is safe to use on them for healing.

    • Yes that's what I used on Riley's sunburn last Summer.  Worked pretty well, healed quickly.

      The trouble with human sunscreen is that the zinc oxide is toxic to dogs.. though the level of toxicity is unclear I keep finding conflicting information, probably because it's more concentrated in some creams than others.

      I'm beginning to lean towards just dabbing a tiny bit of my baby's sunscreen on Riley when she's going to be outside a long time, it will be such a small amount that I doubt it would cause any harm.  She really only needs it on half her muzzle so it wouldn't take much.

      • True, at that amount the sunscreen is doing less harm that what the sun can do.  I'm just concerned about Picco's muzzle too.  His hair is really thick everywhere else.


  • I use a dog sunscreen for one of my doods. Her nose tends to get burnt and it could be her liver nose coloring is more sensitive . We use my Dog Nose It's. We got it from Chewy. 

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